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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Day 502 - At Sea

Hmm… I’m afraid not too much to report. I tended to my sprouts today, did some hand washing in the tub & tidied up the cabin. I must say, I’m very grateful for the tub. It’s not that I bathe a lot (I shower – just for the cleanliness records!), but I certainly use the tub to rinse off scuba gear, wash dishes, do laundry, rinse veggies & sprouts, etc, etc. It’s quite handy, especially since I have the water filter attached to the shower.

Tonight was the Captain’s Welcome Aboard party, which Jaco is supposed to attend & give a little wave when he’s introduced, but he was busy in the clinic. That suited me fine, as I didn’t have to get dolled up & could carry on tidying & sorting out my sprouts.

It’s quite intimidating to try & figure out how long to soak which sprouts for what, sprout them for how long, green them, plant them, etc, etc. I think I’ve got it figured out!

I also made a makeshift raw pad thai tonight. I picked up some mung bean sprouts in Barbados, so I figured I better use them up before they expire. I also had some leftover purple cabbage. I made the dressing – almond butter, garlic, ginger, red pepper, cayenne, kelp powder, lemon juice & water – and then SAFELY used the mandoline slicer to slice the cabbage. I chopped some dehydrated almonds & threw it all in a bowl. I mixed it up & although I had too much cabbage, I took it to Jaco in the Medical Centre & he LOVED it! He ate half the bowl! I was thrilled! I’m sure his belly was too! There is enough left over for one more day or night. The dressing was really nice – it wasn’t too garlicky & the ginger gave it a lighter taste. Success!

Okay, I’m done for the day. (un)Cooking, cleaning & laundry. Does that make me a successful house, er, cabinwife on a cruise ship? At least for one day!



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