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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 276 - Pow Wow

Hooray! Today I finally felt up to snuff. Well, pretty much. I'd say I'm back to 98% of my ornery ol' self. I new it was going to be another hot one when I woke up at 0700 & it was bright & sunny & hot already. I laid in bed until Mom informed me that Jenn had called & they were wanting to go to the Pow Wow. I called her back & told her I'd leave in an hour. 

TWO hours later, I finally left! My personal time zone, what can I say?!? I was excited to check out the Pow Wow, as I haven't been to one for hmm, about 9 years! It was awesome! The costumes, the colours, the intricacy, the dancing, the music, the singing... It's a sensory overload. Call me a sap, but whenever I'm around live drumming, it does something to me. I'm always a gulp away from bursting into tears. Today was no exception. 

I found the Burnett's sitting in the bleachers & I was just in time to see the Grand Entry. I quickly got my camera ready & ran off to shoot whatever I could find. It was a bit of a challenge, as the dancing ring was indoors, which left me with low light & some fast moving subjects. I think I got a few good shots, but I'll have to sit down & have a better look! 

I don't know much about the First Nations culture, but I couldn't help but want to learn more about it. It was fascinating to see how much pride they took in their costumes & their dancing. Their culture is so different from what I know. The people seem so much 'quieter'. They don't talk unnecessarily & they are okay with silence. I could go on & on, but I'll stop there... I've got some learning to do! 

I was also impressed to hear there were dancers from as far away as New Mexico! I had no idea the Pow Wow was such a big draw from so far away! The little children were especially entertaining. They just don't care who is watching or what anyone thinks. They dance their little hearts out. 

The intricate bead work that must take hours upon hours to do, the energy to dance song after song... If you've never been, do a quick search & see if you can find one near you... It's something to experience, that's for sure!

A quick visit to EVIC before they closed & it was back home. I was supposed to stop for groceries, but Bragg Creek on a sunny Sunday afternoon is a rat race. The traffic at the main 4-way was back up past the crest of the hill! It must have been a chain of 25-30 cars! Ridiculous! 

I found both dogs at home & Valentina moving suspiciously slow. I thought something was wrong, but as the night wore on, she was back to her usual old self. Her nose is right out of joint, as I've just bathed her, clipped her nails & put coconut oil on her belly. I think she got a rash from the grass last week. Her belly is a sight for sore eyes! I've been putting aloe gel on it, but tonight I put coconut oil on it. I couldn't put it on fast enough! She licked it off as quickly as I put it on!!! Guess it tastes good! So she's sleeping in her 'tent' instead of next to me. She's not impressed! 

Alrighty... Sweet dreams & see you soon! xxxx Maria & Valentina

Mom wanted to take a photo of me in my dress.

The Elders

I'm surprised this little guy was standing still... He danced his heart out!

Crazy moves & electric energy!

Cutie Puh-tootie!

The drummers & singers - well, some of them!

The 2 best dressed... in my opinion!

Amazing costumes!

Each one is unique!


Beautiful little girl.

This little guy was quite the show off... He was adorable!

Talented bunch!




The look.

All ages participated.

I'm pretty sure this is the guy who danced past me & felt my head!

The next generation learning.

Getting ready to go.


The jingle dress in action.

Jingle dress.

Amazing sounds.

More jingle dress.

You gotta go!

Three girls.

Cutie Puh-tootie again!

Waiting patiently.

Can you guess who was my favourite for the day?

Wow. What a Pow Wow.


Burnett Family said...

Awesome!! We had a great time too, the babes lasted for 4 hours which was longer than I thought. Great work honey!

Anonymous said...

Great photos, Jill. Lucky you to be able to check out the pow wow - was it the Tsu Tina (not sure if I spelled that right) one right by Bragg Creek? I saw the billboard for that one last time we were there and thought it would be a great event to attend. Janis

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