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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 295 - Soccer on the C-Train & Walking With The Dinosaurs

Wow. What a great day! We were up early (for me) & off to town by 0900. We met Sylvia & Drayton at the south end of the city & took the C-Train to the Saddledome. 

Sylvia is a long time friend from my Wrangler days at Three Bars Ranch in Cranbrook, BC. Her little guy, Drayton, is 4 1/2 & shares his birthday with my brother. Drayton is all boy, but has a heart of gold. He's got a very special place in my heart! I mean, how could he not with those blue eyes & gorgeous blond curls, but in any case, he's got the manners & personality to make anyone's heart melt! 

Last summer when Sylvia & Drayton visited, we went to the Calgary Zoo. It was a fun trip. I was still juicing then & Drayton helped Aunty Jill make her juice for the day. We also did a photo shoot on the old truck in the yard. When I visited the family in February, Drayton didn't remember going to the zoo with Aunty Jill. I was devastated! He didn't remember the fun times we had at the zoo??? That's it. We've got to do something AWESOME this time, so he'll surely remember! :o)

Mom2 suggested the Dinosaurs show that was playing at the Saddledome. Perfect! What little guy doesn't think dinosaurs are cool!? So I phoned Mom (Sylvia, not mine) & asked permission to go. Mom said she'd check it out & let me know. The next day she called back & said Drayton was already excited. Perfect! I thought we could take the C-Train from Shawnessy, as Drayton has never been on the train before. 

We pull into the parking lot & I can see Drayton & Sylvia sitting on a bench waiting patiently for us. I wave at Drayton & he recognized me right away! We bought our tickets & hopped on the C-Train that was waiting for us. We found a row of benches facing each other. I gave Drayton the soccer ball I'd picked up for him & the 'Thank You' card for the lovely care package he & Mom had so thoughtfully sent to me awhile back. Drayton was tickled pink (that's for you Gary!) with the ball. Him & Jaco tossed the ball back & forth for the entire train ride. It went off without a hitch until 2 old biddies sat down beside us - one on either bench. At one point the ball rolled towards the one biddy's foot. Drayton grabbed the ball & I apologized. The biddy quipped, 'Really, soccer on the train? It's a bit ridiculous.' I quipped, 'Well, we only see them once a year & it was my gift to him.' She quipped back. I quipped back & played the Cancer Card. That was the end of the quipping. Thankfully our ride too! 

Whoops! We got off one stop too soon & poor Drayton had to trot the entire way to keep up with the adults. We made it to the show just in the nick of time! He LOVED it. He was enthralled the entire time! Of course, T-Rex was last & that was the best part! 

It was actually a very interesting show. Amazing creatures, those dinosaurs! The dinosaurs looked very 'real' & the effects were quite good! It was a nice trip down memory lane, as I haven't studied much about the dinosaurs since I was in elementary school! We only bought the cheap seats, so we couldn't see everything on the screens, but I don't think the luxury seats would have been worth the extra $20-50. 

We played soccer on the way back in the C-Train again, without any biddy mishaps, and then it was time to say goodbye... I sure wish they lived closer! **Sniff, sniff** They were off to a birthday party & we had to stop a few places too. 

Our first stop was Community Natural Foods. And apparently our last stop too. I don't know what happened, but as soon as we arrived, my energy went right out the door. It was all I could do to pick up what I needed, leave the baby gift for Zoe, wait for Jaco & drive home. I went straight to bed & slept for 2 hours. I didn't feel much better by the time I woke up & I'm happy to say I'm finally off to sleep now. Mom bbq'd some portobello mushrooms for dinner & that's it... I'm done... 

Jaco is sleeping peacefully beside me - no snoring yet. Although he did just kick Adios off the bed, even if he was asleep, but I've never heard my cat 'thud' quite like that before. It must not have hurt that bad, as Adios is already back on the bed. Poor Valentina. Her nose is still out of joint that she can't sleep in the bed anymore.

Anyhow... Lekker slaap...
Maria, Jaco, & Valentina

Drayton enjoys his new soccer ball on the C-Train

It's a nail biting, straight ahead staring, hot dog eating kind of event! 

Don't ask me anything about the dinosaurs. It was cool.

Enjoying the show. Full stop. 

Drayton gives me a T-Rex RRRRRAWR!!! 

Some flying bird with fur.

Fast moving carnivores 

Is it Taurosaurus? The ripped off Triceratops? 

Taurosaurus. Was he born in May?

I forget this one's name, but he was pretty cool. Small brained, but cool.

Couple o' dinos. 

Digging in steaming poo for dung beetles. 

RRRRAWR! It's T-Rex!!!

Drayton is pretty pumped about T-Rex! 

Mama T-Rex chases off the other 2 dinos to save her baby. Reminds me of the 'Dingo Ate My Baby' story... 

A little T-Rex affection. 

All smiles! 

Cool teeth!

This sign was made for Jaco! 

Some kids new favourite outfit. I liked the tail. 

Drayton & Uncle Jaco try on the T-Rex heads. 

Jaco, Yahoo, & Drayton 

We sport the T-Rex heads... 

Drayton & Mom try on the heads... 

Playing soccer on the C-train (without the biddies!)


Got it!


Silly faces! 

More silliness! 

So happy to see you!!!


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