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Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 507 - At Sea

Today was another sea day. It was also a formal night. I went up for a bit of tanning - only one hour. I rotate every 15 minutes. I'm not a sun worshipper, but getting a tan is becoming a challenge and I'm up for it! Bring on the vitamin D! 

I cleaned up the cabin, made some almond milk to take my protein shakes with and went up to see Larisa while she was shooting. I visited with her a little about diving, travel & her upcoming holidays. I chatted to her colleague Craig, about lenses, as I was thinking of getting a new lens in St. Maarten. I'm pretty bad at decision making these days, so I wanted some input. 

Of course, my day isn't complete unless I visit Jaco at work in the afternoon. And then I leave & wait until he is finished for the night. We then chill out in the cabin & watch a little TV & visit about the day's events. 

Tomorrow is another dive - a wreck dive! Stay tuned!


 land ahoy!

Hard at work!


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