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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 503 - Bonaire

This morning I did my best to create some raw food. I made ice cream! Well, actually, the ice cream maker is hopefully making ice cream, but I made the milk to go into the ice cream! I misread the recipe & instead of getting 12 cups of milk, I only got 6.5 cups. Minor detail! It smells delicious, so here’s hoping it will taste as good as it smells!

I also made another liter of almond milk. I made a protein shake to go along with it. Unfortunately I found out yesterday that the Sunwarrior we ordered got missed & hasn’t been shipped yet. I think it should go out tomorrow, so hopefully it will meet us in Barbados, otherwise, I’m not sure we’ll ever see it! It’s $50/bag in the US & $95/bag in South Africa, so I’m REALLY hoping it shows up!

I went out with Leana & Becky to a little café near the ship. We enjoyed mango smoothies & did a little internet while we were there. After the girls left for the ship, I found a little health food shop & bought Jaco some snacks. He was half impressed. Better luck next time!

I returned the laptop to the ship & then went out again on my own. Jaco was napping, so I looked in the shops (didn’t buy anything!) & strolled down the waterfront. The water is so crystal clear. It’s absolutely beautiful! I picked a few pieces of water worn coral – one shaped like a heart & the other to use as a pumice stone for my cracked feet!

Back onboard, I visited the Medics for a bit & then I actually found my way to the ship! Believe it or not, I had a great workout! I have missed my friend, the treadmill! I only did 3.5 kms, but I wandered outside on deck & did a few stretches. It was really peaceful. Not a soul in sight, so I think next time I will take my yoga mat with me & do a session outside on deck. I used to do so when I was working on the Sun Princess, but that was back on 2006/07, so it’s been awhile! I’ll keep you posted!

On the way back to the cabin, I swung by the Photo Gallery & visited Larisa for a few minutes. She had a brilliant dive today, but the crew on the dive boat were horrible. Too bad!

Lastly, I made fettuccini alfredo! I made the fettuccini from zucchini & the alfredo from macadamia nuts! It was pretty good if I do say so myself! Although the garlic toast was missing!

Tomorrow we’re in Curaçao & Jaco & I will actually go ashore together! Here’s hoping we have a great time!



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