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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 505 - At Sea

Lunch today was spent with the most traveled passengers. The loyalty program onboard arranges a luncheon for the 30 passengers who have sailed with Princess the highest number of days. At each table, one of the senior officers working onboard will dine with the passengers. Jaco invited me to go along, so I obliged.

I’ve been a few times previously & it’s always hit & miss as to whether or not you’ll find passengers who are easy to get along with. Or not. Thankfully the ones I sat next to were pleasant. There was one other lady at our table who actually works for Princess as a vendor in the shops. She was pretty excited.

Now, there is a VAST difference between British passengers & American passengers. British passengers are very polite & reserved. American passengers TEND to be a little louder & a little less reserved. This woman, being an employee, was NOT reserved at all. Oh my. It was a little awkward at times. I won’t go into too much detail, but needless to say, I think several of us were relieved when the luncheon was finished!

I visited with Jaco for a while in the cabin until he went to the office, at which point, I wandered up on deck to catch a little sun. It was quite breezy and a little cloudy. Several birds were flying around the ship. It was fantastic to lay back & read, watching the clouds roll by & birds soar overhead. When it started to cool off, I got up to come inside. I noticed a large mass of land off the port side. Apparently we were sailing between Dominican Republic & Puerto Rico. Cool.

Popping by the Medical Centre to see Jaco, I visited a bit with him before I headed to the cabin & got changed for the gym. Yes, today is day 3! I’m on a roll now! Another 18 days & I’ll have a new habit! Just in time to fly to South Africa & fall apart again! Argh! Here’s hoping I can stick with something when I get there!

I’ve thrown out the quinoa sprouts. My chart said they should be ready tonight, but compared to all the other sprouts, they reek. Yuck. I had to pitch them. I think next time, I’ll only sprout them one day and then eat them. If anyone has any insight, let me know! The rest of the sprouts are doing well!

For the evening’s entertainment, I phoned home & visited with Dad & Grandma B, as well as Jenn in Texas. I’ve been pretty ‘detached’ from home thus far. I typed a few blog posts & put some more tunes on the iPod, seeing as I’m a regular at the gym now… ha!

Tomorrow is Grand Turk. Another pin on the map!

Sleep well…xxxx Maria

 What a great day!
Love the clouds!
 Life at sea.
Streaks of light & land in the distance (I think it's Dominican Republic)


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