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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 310 - Tattoo'd!!!!

This morning I was up & at it earlier than usual. I was off to Black Diamond for the second half of my photo shoot at Stirr! I was excited & nervous. I love a new challenge when it comes to photography & I haven’t previously shot anything like this. Lainey & Clayton set up a few food arrangements & I happily clicked away. It took us about 3 hours to get everything arranged & shot close ups, indoors, outdoors, boiling water, melting butter & bowls of fruit… It was a fun shoot! I’m anxious to edit & see what I’ve got!

Clayton & Lainey are a really great team with an incredible setup. I’m anxious to see where Stirr! takes them in the next while! I’m glad I could be a part of it & experience the world of food. (I’ll even admit it could be exciting!)

I sped home & quickly prepared for our supper at Mom2’s. I was so excited to finally be there with Jaco & of course, for my visit with Larissa!

I phoned Mom2 before we left & she asked if we could pick up some asparagus & a few extra chicken breasts before we came. Mom heard me talking & said there were chicken breasts in the fridge. I asked Mom2 how many she needed. ‘Two’. I asked Mom, ‘How many breasts do you have?’
‘And how many chicken breasts do you have?’
She looked at me funny & then started to laugh… ha ha… (That one is for James) (The joke, not the breasts!)

We dropped Mom off at Home Depot (apparently the wrong one, as we later learned), as she was making big plans to change her office while we were away later this week. We stopped at CNF & picked up a few goodies (mostly candied ginger, which we’ve both grown addicted to the hotness of) & then to Safeway to pick up dessert.

By the time we made it to Mom2’s, it was pretty much time to get in the car & drive back downtown to fetch Larissa. On our way there, we encountered a crazy lady in the middle of the road, cursing at us & attempting to kick our car as we drove by. Thankfully there was a police van at the next turn & I informed him of the situation. He responded by saying that crazy people don’t hang out in the streets! And 4 minutes later we narrowly escaped a side swiping by an absent-minded cab driver. We risked life & limb to pick you up Larissa! :o)

We managed to put all of Larissa’s luggage into the trunk & back seat & make our way SAFELY back to Mom2’s. Mom2 & Larissa know each other well & they were excited to be reunited as well. Supper was ready, so we sat down to a feast of friends, family & catching up.

Larissa moved to New Brunswick a few years ago from Calgary. She generally visits Calgary once a year for various festivals pertaining to her henna artistry. Self taught, Larissa is an incredible artist. She freehands & creates some of the most intricate & beautiful designs. She used to henna my hand prior to the start of each contract when I was working on ships. (Much to my Manager’s dismay, as tattoos are forbidden!) When I found out I would lose my hair with chemo, I asked Larissa if she would be up to henna-ing my head. She does beautiful belly blessings for pregnant women, so I figured head – belly, they’re both fairly round! She agreed & tonight was the night.

After our scrumptious honey gingered chicken dinner, Mom2 bic-ed or shaved what was left of my hair & Larissa began her masterpiece. She knows me & she chose the design. She sketched a rough outline on my head with a watercolour pencil & then she grabbed her first of many henna cones.

Far from the expert on henna, I understand that is has been done for thousands of years by the women of India, northern Africa, & several other countries. It is customary for brides-to-be to have their hands & feet henna’d before the wedding, pregnant bellies to be decorated & of course, the henna is generally done in the company of other women, most of whom are in support of the woman having the henna done.

Larissa is truly gifted when it comes to henna. Every time I have had henna done by her, it is an experience that takes me far away. I am relaxed, at peace & undistracted by the events troubling my life at the time. Today was no exception. In fact, today was even more magical.

When I used to have hair, it was a favourite sensation to have my hair ‘played with’. Without hair, the henna application was an even more desirable sensation. I was like butter, melting away. It was so relaxing, like I was having a massage. It took nearly 3 hours from start to finish & I felt as though I had been still for only 5 minutes. I know that healing exists on all levels. I’m not sure what level to put this experience on, I think I would be just in saying that healing occurred on all levels this evening. Surrounded by people who love & support me, there was love & laughter all around.

The final result was beautiful, crazy, unique & empowering. What was scary & daunting is now laughable. The fear has fallen away & been replaced by a simple, yet incredibly intricate creation that comes from a place of love & gives healing. Thank you Larissa for this incredible gift – in so many ways.

Enjoy the photos… it was a very special night…
Maria, Jaco & Valentina

A MASSIVE Thank You to Larissa for her incredible creative gift that she shared this evening & to Mom2 & Dad2 for dinner & the shave! 

Enjoy the creative process!!!

Mom2, Larissa & her canvas

Mom2 & Dad2


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You are breathtaking! Always remember that!! Love you girl!

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