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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Day 313 - Saskatoon via Black Diamond

I finally finished the Stirr edits at 0300. I was beat. I crashed, knowing full well that my plans to leave for Saskatoon by 1000 would NOT be happening. My revised plans to leave for Saskatoon at 1200 didn't even happen. Nope. We left around 1400. For Black Diamond.

We had to drop off the edits & Yay! Clayton liked them! I am very happy that he is happy & I am excited to take my cooking class in trade somewhere down the line! One step closer to domestication. No wonder I like boots so much. They allow me to dig my heels in when I want to resist something. Like domestication! :o)

We stopped at Chinook Windz to pick up some food for Valentina & a hot chocolate for Jaco & I. And we were off. At the wonderful hour of 1630. Oh dear. 

Jaco drove the entire way. I kept him company by nagging at him about his driving, reading a book to him, pointing out the Northern Lights (sweet!), giving directions, & steering so he could give Tweet Pea the odd cuddle now & then. 

We managed to get 2 stone chips in the windshield just before Hanna. There was a stretch of highway that seemed to last FOREVER & lo & behold, we each got a chip at about eye level. Hopefully we can get them fixed before they spread right across the line of view!

We talked about politics, childhood memories - when is your earliest memory? - dreams, buffalo, where to live & where NOT to live... Before we knew it, we were in Saskatoon. We found the LAST room at the Super 8... It's now 0130 & I'm beat... Tomorrow we surprise Granny... I brought a wig so she won't be horrified to see my bald, tattoo'd head. Here's hoping the red pixie cut isn't too much for her either! ;o)

Oh yes, Mom took a few snaps of the Henna Do while it's still dark & before I have to attempt at tracing over it. Thanks Mom! She's redoing the office while Jaco & I are away, so here's hoping she manages well on her own! She's always got Oceana for a 'little' support! 

Maria, Jaco & Valentina

Thank you to Larissa of Dragon Fly Designs for her incredible talents!

Thank you to Mom for her fabulous photography skills!


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