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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Day 319 - The Would Be Round of Chemo That Wasn't

Yup. You guessed it. Blood work was too low. Come back in a week. Great. 

We waited 2 hours for the Doctor. Dr. Daly wasn't in today, so I was supposed to see Dr. Lategan. Apparently Dr. Lategan was booked solid, so I was pawned off on Dr. Blahey (bleh-HAY). I had read not so cool things about Dr. Blahey on RateMDs.com (check out your Doctor &/or leave them some feedback!), so I wasn't too thrilled to be seeing him. I had a dreadful feeling in my stomach all morning, partially because I was scared I was going to be sick again & that was NOT fun, and partially because, well, let's face it, chemo sucks. 

Dr. Blahey wasn't too bad. I was expecting someone like Dr. House, only without the sarcasm I've grown to love, however, Dr. Blahey was just cool. He wasn't rude or offensive, he was just to the point. He told me to go home & take a shot of Neupogen & come back next week. 

Well, I guess we have the rest of the day off! Jaco & I stopped at Costco & Community Natural Foods, then it was on our way home. Looks like we'll have a few days off!

At one point in the morning, while we were waiting, an older gentleman walked into the hallway. He looked a little disheveled & his clothes were a little bit dated. Corduroy jacket, pants hiked up WAY past his navel & those big old metal framed glasses from the 1980s. Jaco commented on the gentleman saying he surely couldn't be a Doctor. When the gentleman walked into the clerical room & came out carrying a stethoscope, well, he just proved us wrong! A few moments later, the gentleman came & stood at the counter, talking to the receptionist. As he was standing there, Jaco & I noticed the length of the gentleman's pants. They were short. Very short. Jaco said, 'Hmm. Must've grown some.' It was funny at the time, but Jaco found it hilarious. I've never seen my husband in tears of laughter before. We were giggling like two kids in math class who just pranked the teacher. Maybe you had to be there, but it was a pretty good case of flood pants!

It feels good to have no plans for the next few days... We'll be hanging out with the dogs & trying to do as little as possible... Waiting for these neutrophils to pop back up...

xxxx MJV&O

Oceana sucks up to Papa

Looks like it's working!

Off in La-La Land

Someone else is in La-La Land!


Anonymous said...

Good to see you've posted more - I was just about to phone and make sure you were okay - I'll call in the next few days anyhow! Janis

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