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Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 336 - Finally - She Escapes!

Wow! Today I actually made it off the farm! I managed to escape to the city for a whole 5 hours. I went to town by myself (Jaco had to do his exercises) (Nice to know where I rank in the scheme of things!) & exchanged shoes (unsuccessfully) & jeans (successfully) for Jaco. I wandered around Southcentre & Winners for the better part of the evening & also managed to follow my Mom home from her tradeshow in HIgh River. 

I enjoyed strolling around the mall, people watching & chatting with the clerks. I helped one lady pick out a rockin' pair of boots for the winter. It felt good! I think I might have frightened a few people, as I didn't wear a wig or scarf today, only a hat. My head is pretty bald under it all! Adding to that I wore mostly brown, so I'm sure I looked *ahem* fairly masculine! Oh well... Nothing like a bit of drama. 

I also wandered into Restoration Hardware. I found another desk (& a whole lotta other things) I love. Maybe the day is coming for Jaco & I to have a house... Here's the desk. It is a giant old style truck that opens up, sideways, & becomes a desk. Crazy!

I also stopped at London Drugs & picked up a few things. While I was there, I noticed they still had the 'Clean Kanteen' bottles on sale. I thought about getting another one, seeing as I got the others so cheap. When I looked at the sale price, they were $19.99. That's double what I paid!!! Ha ha! Looks like I got a great bargain! 

Winners had some organic lollipops for $4, so Jaco gets a sweetie. They actually carry some really decent food items. Organic whole wheat flour, agave syrup, organic jams... 

I have often said I should start my own shopping show. You know, on the travel channel. I would flit about the globe, taking my viewers to the most amazing cities in the world to the best deals in town. I've been around... I know where to go to get the good stuff!!! Napoli, Istanbul, Roma, Venezia, Curaçao, San Diego... Okay, I'll stop now before I bore you with random cities... I think it would be a blast! Of course, I'd include the best places to eat while out shopping. You can't shop without having a meal along the way! If you know a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a guy... send him my way. I'm ready to take this global & get paid to shop! :o)

That little rant/dream out of the way, I'll call it quits for the night. Sleep well & lotsa love...



Anonymous said...

The desk/oversized travel trunk is so you! Plus, I think you should email Slice and TLC about your show idea, I could see it happening! Janis

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