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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 328 - Snow. Are You Kidding Me?

Bah. What a day. It started out pretty good. Jeff arrived the previous night & him & Mom were leaving for BC today for a wedding this weekend. Mom wanted to have a big breakfast & of course, Ken came over to meet Jeff. We had bacon, eggs, pancakes & all the fixin's. Ken stuck around to fix the internet - the signal has been dropping as of late - I think he's got it fixed now! Mom & Jeff left just before lunch, Jaco did the dishes & I had a rest. 

I haven't quite recovered from yesterday. I still feel rubbish from the walk yesterday. I slept until 1630, laid on the couch with the dogs, did my best to sort out the laptop & listened to Jaco chuckle while he watched his episodes of The Office. I am still awaiting my turn to watch House... *Ahem*

So, today has been a very lazy day. Add to that, it started snowing. Yup. It's the 16th of September & it is snowing. I don't like winter & I despise being cold, so I'll be dreaming of Bora Bora tonight... Here's hoping I feel a bit more 'human' tomorrow. 

Sleep well... MJV xxxxx

Contemplate is NOT lovin' this. Nor am I. 

It's too early for snow! NO!!!! 

Little salchicha footprints


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