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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 338 - Sushi & A Movie!

Whoa! I think I remember what it's like to have a social life! Today Jaco & I went to town & watched 'The Switch'. A movie! With my husband! A date! What a concept! 

We wanted to catch a matinée, but we were about 15 minutes too late. We passed the time by trying on stuff in Lululemon. It is a bit like torture to leave empty handed, but my physique leaves a little to be desired these days, so probably best I don't cover it in spandex! :oP 

We stopped at Community Natural Foods & picked up some more ginger. We bought what was left on the shelf & the gal suggested we talk to the Manager & order a box of it. We'll save wasting all those plastic tubs & we'll get 10% off. Hmm. Next time! 

We picked up sushi from Kinjo on McLeod Trail. $20 for supper for 2 of us. I think that's pretty good! The sushi was delicious! Jaco doesn't normally eat (or like) sushi, but he enjoyed this. I was chuckling inside as he generously applied wasabi to his sushi. His watering eyes shortly after had me chuckling out loud... But, he liked it! 

The movie was really good! It was funny, cute & entertaining. We had a tough time deciding, as Jaco wanted to see Inception, but the IMAX version only plays at 2100, which is too late for Chemo Eve. We'll go another time - hopefully before it's gone! We still haven't seen Avatar & Mom & Ken want to take us to see that. Looks like more popcorn in my future! 

Oh, we also saw one of the crew from Cirque du Soleil at the movie! Him & his wife were sat next to us. If only I could get out more, I'd know the entire cast & crew on a first name basis! And that dream of joining the circus one day would suddenly materialize... Although I've lost nearly all my hair, so my Bearded Lady routine won't be happening... Perhaps Valentina can be my trick dog... I do love Cirque du Soleil! If you haven't been, do yourself a favour - GO!!!

We rushed home, I felt terrible - partially from bone pain & partially because I COMPLETELY FORGOT about my Skype date with my friend, Luis, from Colombia. Argh! I checked to see if he was still online - nope. Darn. I worked on Mom's calendar for a few hours & then my back screamed louder than my iTunes. Time for bed. And now I'm going to dream about Corb Lund. '...The Chev got stuck & the Ford got stuck...' Sigh. Serves me right. Should have listened to Michael Bublé...

Wish me luck tomorrow... It's half way day! xxxxMJV&O 

'...mighty neighbourly...mighty neighbourly...'

 Our gift from Kinjo.
 Peter - the Boss & dressed for the occasion - Sweet guy!
 Out with my Baby!
Busy place!


Burnett Family said...

I liked The Switch! It was really cute. I love (some) sushi but I love your red hair more!!

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