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Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 325 - Round 5

Well, I'm pleased to say I made it through the day without losing any meals. My blood work was .01 mark below normal, but luckily Dr. Lategan still ordered my treatment. I told him I didn't take the Neupogen last Wednesday as instructed, but he didn't smack my fingers too badly... :oP 

Marilyn was my Nurse for the day. I'll never forget her name, as I think of Marilyn Monroe every time I hear her name! Sam was also there & I learned that Sam replaced Grethe, so CONGRATULATIONS Sam! Well done on the promotion! Ken stopped by to say hello, as he had a physio appointment in the neighbourhood. He & Jaco visited, as I was starting to feel pretty out of it. Ken was kind & brought me a flower in a really cute vase with a little ladybug on the side.

The Dacarbazine REALLY hurt my arm today. In fact, it took twice as long to inject, it hurt that bad. So, instead of one hour, it took two hours. Don't forget that doesn't include the anti-emetic, Adriamycin or Vinblastine. Or the saline flushes in between. Ugh. I think I'll need a clown to perform in front of me next time... It is getting tough! And to think I'm not even half way yet! Sigh.

I managed to eat more 'neutral' foods, with the hopes of keeping it down & keeping my body happy. Dr. Lategan said that vomiting & chemo is generally all in your head. He said he had one patient who couldn't even drive past the hospital without getting sick. Great. I'm doing my best to keep my mind on the straight & narrow!

Jaco managed to get me home, in one piece, through rush hour traffic. He's learned the city well! I went straight to bed, glad to have survived the day... 7 to go.


Thanks Sam & Marilyn for taking such great care of me today!


Burnett Family said...

Glad you are blessed with great nurses, and it sounds like you are a blessing to them too!

Anonymous said...

How fortunate that Jaco can be there with you through this. Janis

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