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Monday, August 02, 2010

Day 283 - Long Weekend?

I'm sure you'll all disagree with me, but this weekend seemed extra long! Probably because I'm rather bored (not for lack of things to do, just lack of motivation!) & I don't have a job to 'look forward' to after a long weekend! It was quite a rainy weekend, with a lot of thunder. I LOVE listening to the rain fall & the thunder roll. Tonight was quite spectacular. I counted for 40+ seconds of consistent thunder as it rolled on down the valley. Sweet!

I visited Shauna at EVIC & Dave, one of the Conservation Officers, happened to stop in. I haven't seen him since the end of June. He was going to shave his head at the party, but his scheduled was swapped around, so he couldn't make it! :o( In any case, he's a sweetheart & he always brightens my day! Rumour has it he'll be around this fall & I have yet to meet his new girlfriend... Gotta love romance in the East Kan! I'm excited for his happy heart! His girlfriend spotted the dogs & I the other day. She was driving on the highway & said she saw a girl with a shaved head & 2 wiener dogs in matching raincoats. I guess that fits our description! :o) Well spotted!

Valentina was excited to visit Shauna & Dave & her excitement peaked when Shauna picked up the pen/laser pointer. Shauna didn't even turn the laser on, but Valentina knew it could happen at any moment! What a dog!

We walked home & I threw the ball for her. It's a new ball & quite heavy. She kept dropping it out of her mouth, as it was slobbery & wet. She runs so fast by the time I get ready to throw the ball, I nearly hit her on the head! I'm not a great pitcher (yet) & yes, I throw like a girl! I always chuckle how she'll have the ball in her mouth, but pop her tongue out the side after she has ran for awhile.

I managed to jog to EVIC today! I was quite pleased I could actually do it! I haven't done much (any) exercise as of late, so I am quite unfit. Yesterday I fumbled through my yoga/ab video. I'm anxious to get back in shape, but a long ways from it! Sigh. The road to health is long & winding, not to mention challenging. In any case, I'll get there!

Alrighty, tomorrow is my only day in the city to run around. I'll end it here...

Sweet dreams,
Maria & Valentina

Dave the CO

Tweet Pea & her ball.

Slightly blurry (my bad), but note the tongue out the side of her mouth!


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