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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 296 - Volunteering & My Camping Cousins

Today was a pretty quiet day on the Richter scale. (4.0) I volunteered at EVIC while Shauna did an amazing Search & Rescue course. It was limited to 6 participants & when Shauna inquired about taking the course again, it was full. The Instructor offered to let Shauna come along as a 'guest' Instructor. Naturally Shauna was floored! I was more than happy to help out & harass Joe for a day while Jaco got over his jet lag. It was fun to fall back into the swing of things, although I didn't miss my Smoky the Bear girdle pants. (Think standard uniform designed in the 1980's that come up somewhere between my bellybutton & bosom. NOT flattering!)

It was a semi-busy day, seeing as the weather was nice, so we had quite a few visitors in the Centre. The day went well. I only had one fellow call me 'Sir'. Yes, not a word of a lie. I was wearing big earrings & makeup. Perhaps it was the men's size large fleece vest that gave me a 'unisex' look. I don't really know. In any case, it made me laugh. What was even funnier was when he showed up later in the day with all of his buddies who had to come in & see the 'She-Man' or 'Man-She' depending on which side of the fence you're on! :oP

Jaco & Valentina came to visit for a bit. Jaco & Joe gabbed about bears & cougars & things to do in K-Country. Here's hoping we can accomplish a few fun things while he's here! 

After work Jaco & I went for ice cream at the RIGHT place. Scoops & Snacks! We enjoyed our dairy delight & when we arrived home, Mom informed me that my cousin, Jamee, & her daughter, Rayna, were on their way over. They were on a summer holiday around Calgary & they were coming to camp in our yard. 

Mom left to chase some cows out of the pasture that kept crawling through the fence. Shortly after she left, Jamee & Rayna arrived. Rayna is 5 & a barrel of fun. She was pretty pumped to sleep in a tent tonight! She was also excited to see Valentina. By the time I helped them set up their tent, we had decided that Valentina would join them in her mini-tent. Then Mom was joining them, along with Oceana. It was pretty cozy inside the tent by the time they were all settled in with their sleeping bags, blankets & dogs! But I think they had a memorable time! The first thing Rayna said upon waking, was, 'Mom, next time you have meetings, can I come here to be babysat?' Cute. Very cute. 

It was after midnight by the time Jaco & I crawled into bed. We'd stayed up talking about our plans for the time he would be here. It had been a long day & I was happy to hit the hay! Tomorrow is a day of not much activity & I'm glad!

Lekker slaap!
Maria, Jaco & Valentina

EVIC or Elbow Valley Information Centre

 Rayna & Valentina

It's a girls night out!

 Oceana & Valentina are slightly excited to be in the tent too!

Joe & his 'pose' & his directional heading on the desk.


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