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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 298 - A Near Death Day For Poor Oceana

Somedays it's just not a dog's life. Today was one of them for poor Oceana. I was woken up by the stomping of my Mother into my room as she tossed poor Oceana onto the bed. Mom grumbled something about not being able to get any work done with Oceana around & therefore she must stay in my room. Jaco was in the bathroom, so for the next ??? hours I attempted to sleep while Oceana yipped, whined & jumped at my side of the bed. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? Argh!!! 

Finally, enough was enough. I let the dogs back out to terrorize Mother. When I finally got up at 0930, Mom was storming out the door to town. She left me a note to do a bunch of things for her, including picking up the doggy doo in the yard, as Mom had stepped on some with her shoe. Therefore, it MUST be my fault & I MUST clean it up. 

Move boxes to warehouse, move boxes to bunkhouse, package dayplanners, cook fish, walk dogs... good thing I didn't make any plans for today! We ended up taking the dogs for a nice walk down by the river & through the campground. Poor Oceana had her first taste of water. She wasn't too keen on it. Valentina, on the other hand, walked right through it. I picked up Oceana & gently set her in the ankle deep (on her) water. She eventually realized that she would survive getting wet. 

We were just about to turn off the road, when we met a group of 3 walking a small, stocky Collie type dog. They reeled the dog in on his leash & made him sit while we walked past.  As we were passing, the dog stood up. The next thing we knew, the dog was lungeing for Oceana (Poor Oceana!). Jaco had her leash, so he's frantically trying to pick her up before she is eaten alive. There is barking, growling, snapping, gnashing of teeth. Oh the horror! Then, all I see is Poor Oceana reeling through the air, as Jaco has finally pulled in her leash enough, but can't get to her. Thankfully it was one of those rubberized leashes so she had a gradual liftoff! I think she even snapped at Jaco once or twice, as she probably had no clue what was going on. The poor dear missed being eaten alive by the crazy dog. I'm sure she'll never forget this day! I don't know what those folks were thinking. They had so much leash, but they just didn't have control of their dog! Terrible! 

Needless to say, we came home after that. We threw the ball for Valentina on the last little stretch of road & even Oceana chased the ball for a bit. Their personalities are so different, it's quite amusing to see! 

Anyhow, another quite day... But it's the calm before the storm, as tomorrow we Buble!!! Yes, it's time for Michael Buble! I can hardly wait! His show was spectacular last time, and I'm not expecting anything less for this time! Whoo hoo!!! 

Sleep well!
Maria, Jaco & Valentina

 Some makeshift teepees along the path

The sun shrouded in clouds & smoke

 Poor Oceana & Papa shortly before her brush with death.

Calm part of the river


 Papa & the puppies

Rocks, leaf & water


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