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Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 297 - Laundry & Shauna

This morning, after a night of tossing & turning, I woke up to a rather thunderous stomping happening in the kitchen, along with the infectious giggles of a small child. Yup, Rayna was up. Her & Valentina were having the times of their lives. Rayna had donned our T-Rex head & Valentina decided it was a game. Rayna chased & chased & chased Valentina around the living room & kitchen until they were both out of breath! It was quite the sight to see! Valentina absolutely loves children & I think the feeling is mutual, especially in this case!

They were off to Calaway Park for the day. Mom decided to 'go along for the ride'(s). :oP I don't think I've been to Calaway Park since I was about 8 years old when I went with Jamee & her sister, Joleen! Yes, it's been a long time! Mom told me Rayna wasn't too happy when they got there, so Jamee knelt down & looked Rayna in the eye & said, 'Do you remember your choices? You can be miserable or you can be...' Rayna replied enthusiastically, 'HAPPY!' Jamee said, 'That's right. So what will you choose?' Rayna replied even more enthusiastically, 'HAPPY!!!' And away they went...

Jaco & I had a 'happy' day of laundry. I cleaned the kitchen, he vacuumed the floors & then we shaved each other's heads. What? Isn't that part of the domestic duties? :oP  So now we look like twins. I'm just waiting for the next 'Sir' comment! Although Jaco is a bit sad, as I have more hair than he does & mine is falling out! I keep assuring him that soon enough he'll have more than I do! Much more! 

It was a stunner of a day! Thank the Good Lord for sunshine & a little heat! I'll take every summer day I can get! We walked down to EVIC to visit Shauna & see how her course went. She was pretty excited about the entire weekend! Hopefully we can get together once we get settled & have a nice dinner. Today was her 7 year wedding anniversary, although her hubby was away on work. Jaco & I have a lot of years to go to catch up! I will volunteer with Shauna on the 6th of September, so I'm looking forward to working a day with her.

I spoke to Granny today & she seems to be doing well. If all goes well, we'll make a trip to see her in the next few weeks. She's only met Jaco once & we were only there for 1/2 a day, as I had to drive back for work last time. Hopefully this time we can stay a little longer & she can believe that I've made a good choice! She's already told me he better treat me well or he'll have to deal with her! And believe me, you don't want to mess with this 95 year old Granny! She's tough! 

She told me awhile ago about a situation in the Senior's Home where she stays. There was an old man who kept making passes at her. He grabbed her arm one day as they were wheeling past each other & told her he'd like to get to know her better. The next night she woke up & he was sitting on the end of her bed in her room! He said he missed the gentle touch of a woman. (!) She called the Nurse & they took him away. This happened a few more times. Finally, after the 3rd or 4th night, Granny told him he'd better get out & never come back. When he didn't respond, she took her cane & whacked him between the legs & told him 'There's more where that came from!' Even at 95 she's still got it! What a gal! 

Mom made us a stir fry tonight & Jaco had his first taste of Quinoa (keen-wah) tonight. He quite liked it, until he found out it was more carb than protein. It will be the challenge of my life to get that man to eat a healthy, well-rounded, BALANCED diet. In any case, he enjoyed it until he knew otherwise. ;o)

Tomorrow was supposed to be Body Worlds, but I think that we'll hold off another day. My energy is not quite there...yet! Have a great night & see you tomorrow!

Maria, Jaco & Valentina

Headless T-Rex (Rayna) chases Valentina

Rayna helps Mom make fresh juice

The happy matching couple!

Valentina digs for the ball in Papa's shorts! 

Puddle or no puddle, she'll get the ball!


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