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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Day 286 - HTML... What? Ham, Tomato, Mayo, Lettuce?

A rather uneventful day. Or was it? As far as accomplishments go, I really didn't do a whole lot. I was energetically drained from the hype & let down of yesterday & trying to process what is going on! 

I looked through my blood work from when I was in Mexico, as they did blood work every week there. Sure enough, my Neutrophils were high when I arrived, but then they stabilized by the time I left. I find it interesting that even though my levels were at 0.7 yesterday, I still haven't caught any bugs floating around. I've been to the city enough times & around enough people that you would think I would have caught something with such a shattered immune system. Looks like all those prayers are paying off after all! Thank you! 

I really like my Doctors, some MUCH more than others, :o), but all these extra weeks at the hospital... come on! I need to make some new friends! This is ridiculous!

Anyhow, I was thinking of Mom2 this morning, as she was booked to have surgery today. I remember looking at the time on the phone & it was 1022. I thought she would either be in the recovery room or just finishing up. That's when I noticed there was a message on the phone. It was Mom2. She didn't have surgery. The Doctor noted that she had borderline Hemophilia and decided it would be too risky. He is sending her to a specialist later this month. Crazy!

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Stop the train. Wait a second. Blood problems = Hematologist. She is being treated at Peter Lougheed Hospital. I ask her who her specialist is. She says Dr. Daly. Ha! Can you believe it? We're at the same hospital seeing the same Doctor. That is just too crazy! It still makes me giggle to think about it. Of course, the reasons we need to see Dr. Daly are hardly a laughing matter, but there are times when you just gotta chuckle! Like now! :o)

I also decided to give the blog a facelift. Approximately 4 hours later & in the wee moments of the night, I finally decided on a likeable template. Of course I then had to figure out how to change the font, size, spacing, shading in the HTML code. It was kind of fun & thank goodness I didn't run into too many problems! It's certainly a different language! I hope you like the new changes! I'm not finished yet, but I'm getting there! I'm going to attempt at designing my own blogskin one of these days!

Anyhow, Tweet Pea & I are finally off to bed. I can sleep soundly knowing that I can rest all day tomorrow, seeing as I stayed up so late tonight!

Lekker slaap!
Maria & Valentina

Crashed! She's not too interested in my HTML hacking!


Anonymous said...

Love the blog facelift. Also, hope everything works out for Madeline. Janis.

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