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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 306 - Round 4 of AVD/Worst Day of My Life.

Ugh. Today was a day I'd rather forget. Jaco was mad at me for most of the day, the Doctor was 2 hours late, I got food poisoning from our lunch & spent the night hurling my guts out. Want me to elaborate? Of course I'd love to!

My appointment was for 1000. I had blood work done before that. We waited for the blood work. And we waited. And we waited. Finally it was done at 1130. They paged the Doctor. He arrived 1/2 an hour later. It was now noon. I was starving, as were Mom, Mom2, & Jaco. We decided to go to the Olive Garden for lunch. I couldn't remember the last time I was there, but I remembered that I liked it the previous time. I had a delicious mushroom ravioli. 

By the time we received our food, we had just enough time to sit out on the grass out front the restaurant in the hot sun & enjoy our meal. We were just finishing up when the treatment room called & said my meds were ready. 

Grethe was my Nurse today. She was the first Nurse I had met when I came to Peter Lougheed at the end of June. She was very kind & pleasant & I was happy to have her again today. We visited for most of my treatment & I found out that she knew the Mulatz's from Maple Creek. I walked up with their son, Kevin, at my graduation ceremony. It's a small world! 

When my treatment was over I thanked Grethe & said I would see her in a few weeks. She told me then that she was retiring & today was her last day! Oh my! I asked her how long she had been a Nurse & she said 45 years! Wow! She was quite misty eyed & I was sad for her. They were giving her 'a package', I'm not sure what that meant, but I don't think it was a package she'd been waiting for! In any case, I'm sure the Treatment Room will never be the same again. I'll be thinking of her & wishing her well & hoping that she'll find enjoyment in her retirement. 

As soon as we left, I had that old familiar feeling of 'icky-ness' wash over me. I usually sleep the entire way home, but today I couldn't. I ate a peach thinking that would help. It didn't. I felt worse & worse. I couldn't sleep. A pounding headache arrived. By the time we pulled into the yard, I was feeling near death. I laid down, thinking I could sleep away the worst of this. Nope. I couldn't sleep. I put a cold cloth over my forehead & laid there. My stomach flipping & flopping. Pretty soon it was time to visit the toilet. There went lunch. Oh I haven't been sick like that since the time I had one too many drinks in my first year of College. (Bellydancing & karoke didn't accompany this episode of sickness!) It was brutal. Jaco came in to help me out & once I was back in bed, I thought the nausea would fade away. Nope. 

Forty minutes later, I was back at the toilet. I had swallowed two Tylenol with some lemon water about 20 seconds prior. Up they came. Then it was dry heaving 20 minutes after that. I was gasping for air I was wretching so hard. Brutal. Gross. Sick. Shawh. I don't wish this on anyone! I finally paged the Oncologist on call at 2300. She advised me to take both anti-emetics instead of just the usual one or the other. I managed to get the liquid one down & passed out cold before I could wait 20 minutes & take the 2nd anti-emetic. I woke up at 0200 & realized that I'd finally slept! Yay! I gulped down the pill & went back to sleep. What a day.

They are changing my chemo days to Mondays instead of Wednesdays, as Dr. Daly is in at 0900 on Mondays, however, the next round will be on a Tuesday, as it's the long weekend. Thrill. I am already anxious. 

Thank goodness today is over & done with...

I should have known it would be an 'off day' when the 1st photo of the day had an STD in the background!

The 'Hot Flash' Fan

The Doc hangs out in the hospital & doesn't work.

I'll miss you Grethe!!! All the best to you! xxxx


Burnett Family said...

You poor thing! I feel for you. I've never had a migraine and I complain when I get a "bad" headache. Lots of love and prayers from us Southerners!

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