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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 302 - Market to Market, Artwork & PEROGIES!!!!

This morning Jaco & I were picked up in a shwanky Westfalia & escorted off to the Millarville Market. Janis & Dustin's friend, Carl, was returning my long lost sunglasses & invited us to the market. I had never been there, and of course, Jaco hadn't either. We enjoyed a scenic drive along the 762 & managed to time our visit in conjunction with the Millarville Fair. I didn't know they did chicken judging in our neck of the woods. I didn't know they did wood working, peacocks, cookie decorating, wheat, or any of the other judging that took place! It was quite interesting!

We watched some of the local talent show. It was pretty cute. These 3 blonde girls were skipping rope to Corb Lund - it was highly entertaining! Bless their hearts! We managed to come home with a case of juicy peaches, maple cinnamon buns, fudge, maple butter tarts, hats, focaccia bread, tzatziki dip, cherries, carrot cake, and a dozen eggs for Carl! We did well! Lucky the fair was on today, otherwise our market would have been over at noon! 

Jaco & Carl enjoyed talked about the World Cup & South Africa, as Carl visited SA for the big event. Of course, they talked about sports & sports & more sports. I sat in the back of the van & ate a butter tart. :o) I'm sure that's a sport somewhere! 

Carl dropped us off at about 1400 & I headed straight to bed. I was beat! I had a peaceful nap until Jaco decided to hit the treadmill, which shakes the entire house, including my bed. Then Mom came in, flipped on the light, asked if she looked 'okay' & would I please edit something in Photoshop for her. Sigh. And they wonder why I don't want to 'STAY HOME & REST'. (!!!!!!!!)

Jaco & I got ready to leave for Mom's Gallery Showcase. As we were driving out of the yard, poor Jaco spilled juice all down his only dress shirt. Then he noticed a black mark on his cuff. Looks like we'll have to hit the shops soon! (Thankfully the juice was clear & didn't stain his shirt!)

The showcase was wonderful! Mom's work looked fantastic (of course!) and it was a really interesting evening. The Gallery Manager, Karen, invited local Poets to write a poem about one of Mom's pieces. It was really interesting to hear how they interpreted a visual piece of artwork. If you find yourself in Black Diamond, be sure to stop in at the Bluerock Gallery for a looksee. They have some fabulous goodies in there!!!

Of course, the highlight for me was the surprise I was given. Mom's friend, Ken, had stopped by the other day & we had a little visit. He'd given me a cute little embroidered hat (hot pink) with a fancy daisy clipped on it. Perfect for when I'm bald as the prairie. Well, today, he really shocked me. His Mom was in town & had been making perogies today. Yup, you guessed it. I am a perogy freak & I have NEVER had homemade perogies in my life. Sad, but true. Until tonight! More excited than a kid in a candy store, I couldn't wait to go home & make perogies!!! Of course, I should add that I also met Ken's daughter, Alison, who is gorgeous & reminds me of... ugh! I can't put my finger on it... she's famous, young & blonde. I'll let you know when it comes to me... That will be the post at 0200!

I also saw Mom's friend, Traci, who, after Eat Pray Love, TOTALLY reminds me of Julia Roberts. Gord was there as well as Lara! My friend who had the miracle baby, Flyn! Man, that little girl has one full head of hair! Jaco & I were both jealous! :o) She's only 3 months, but I'm sure she could have a haircut already! Pam Asheton was there too - I have yet to recognize her & I've now met her 3 times! Shame on me! It was a really fun evening!

Meanwhile... Back in the perogy cooler... When we left, I was on a mission to get sour cream. I can't eat perogies without sour cream. Since I was a small child, green olives &/or sour cream have been my favourite foods. Jaco & I stopped at 2 convenience stores, but they didn't carry sour cream. Right. Off to Okotoks it was. Thank Heavens for Super Wal-Marts! I picked up an onion, mushrooms & sour cream. (And a few goodies for the kids I'd be seeing in the next few days!)

We raced home, as I could barely contain my taste buds. Of course, Mom was still up, as she was fishing for a perogy or two. Yeah, she got two. I had nine. Hey! She's lucky she got two! I was happy to give her only one! Jaco didn't want any. Yeah, he doesn't know what he missed out on. They were light, fluffy & mmm, scrumptious! Yup. Life is beautiful. I went to bed slightly gorged, but it was worth every single mouthful.

What a great day! Sleep well...
Maria, Jaco, Valentina

Somebody ruffled his feathers!

Whose idea was it to eat these things, anyhow?

Because I always skip rope to Corb Lund. Don't you?

The guys check out the close up photo of the spider.

The prize winning rooster? (well, maybe third place)

Our stash for the day!

Karen, the Gallery Manager, preparing us a wonderful evening!

Mom doing her intro

This young lady read a poem about divorce & lilacs.

This gent read a poem called 'The Shooter' that I really enjoyed.

Our local Russian Czar specialist

Richard Harrison - the Master Poet

Mom's big debut!

In the best Gollum voice I can muster, 'My Precious'


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had fun with Carl at the Millarville market/fair. Glad you guys could get together. How exciting for your Mom to have her work at Bluerock Gallery. Has she had an exhibit there before? Janis

Jill Marie said...

Thanks Janis! Yes, it was a great day! It's Mom's first 'showcase' at the gallery - you should check it out next time you're down! Beautiful stuff in there... Perhaps you could have a display too!!! xxxx

Ken said...

Hey pretty Lady.....If you and Jaco are heading to Saskatchebush.....you might want to sneak over to Regina and visit Mom.... I know she has been making some cabbage rolls and if she new you were coming ....would build a fresh batch of perogies. BTW my son Terry's record is 27 in one sitting....k.j.w.

Kim Taylor said...

Thanks Jill for the commentary on your blog and next time I will get my own perogies! Happy to see you happy! Love Mom

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