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Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 353 - Finally! We Saw It!

Last night Jaco gave me my Neupogen shot & this morning found me with plenty o' bone pain. I wasn't moving too swiftly, as any up/down movements would send me over the edge! Jaco cleaned the pantry, vacuumed the bedroom, swept the kitchen & folded the laundry. I washed/dried the clothes & edited the rest of the Stirr photos. 

We decided to go to Cochrane & attempt to see Life As We Know It for the 3rd time. We tried on Saturday evening, but the show was sold out at Chinook & the only 2 seats together were in the very front row. We couldn't even see the screen properly! We asked for a refund & left for home. We tried again last night on the way home from Ken's, but we had missed the first 12 minutes of the movie. 

We were going to go this afternoon to a matinée, which I thought started at 1620, but as it turned out, it started at 1530! We finally decided to go to the 1920 show. We left a little late, got stuck behind a big fuel truck & lo & behold, the movie started at 1930! We were actually early!! Mark it on the wall! 

We both really enjoyed the movie. It was funny - the audience was chuckling the entire way through - and it was sad & it was lovey-dovey. All the necessary items to have you leave the theatre feeling good about life. It's worth the money & buttery fingers!

We fuelled up at Safeway, picked up a few things for tomorrow & headed home. I had bathed both dogs before we left for the movie, so they were dry by the time we arrived home. And they smelled a lot better, too! 

Tomorrow is round 7. I am so NOT excited about it. I hope the day flies by & the night too. I wish they could just give me a drug to induce a 24 hr coma. I pray this ends soon. 



Burnett Family said...

I can't wait to watch it, maybe it will be at the drive-in in Abilene. I love the drive-in!!

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