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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Day 344 - Stirr! Some More!

Today was a BLAST!!! Yesterday I had another call from Clayton to set up another shoot. I photographed so much delicious food today, I swear there was drool on my camera! It was a busy day & I will openly admit that I tore apart the store setting up backdrops & props, but it was well worth it! We scored some amazing images! I can't wait to sit down & edit it! 

Jason was our Chef today. He runs a catering business called Dude with Pig. He was a riot to work with & let me tell you, he created some amazing masterpieces today! I have never seen food look so yummy before! It was art! I am astounded that there are so many creative things you can do with food! Don't tell anyone, but it was actually inspiring! Who-da thought? Jaco & I have yet to take our cooking class, but I'm getting pretty excited about it!

Jason is also bartending for Cirque du Soleil while it's in town. I asked him to say hi to Jimmy the Clown for me. ('Cuz we're tight & all)

Lainey had stopped at the market in Calgary on her way out & picked up some incredible produce. The peaches were juicy, the apples were crisp & bursting with flavour... It was a sensory overload for my eyes & taste buds!

I am grateful that Clayton & Lainey asked me to come back! It's been a blast thus far! Stay tuned for photos! We had roasted potatoes, grilled peaches, roasted chicken, rack of lamb, pork chops, & steamed clams. I won't give anymore away... Just keep drooling... 



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