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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 355 - Round 7 Take 2

I felt 100% better this morning. I convinced myself that today was going to go smoothly & I would be just fine at the end of the day. And it worked! Today was a breeze!

I think it must have been the Ativan they gave me before I started treatment. I slept through the entire treatment!! It was awesome! Jaco said a prayer for me just before they hooked up the IV & then they brought me a warm blanket. I reclined the chair as flat as I could & I was out cold! Apparently my Mom, Ken, Unka Jer, & Grandma all came to visit & I didn't even wake up! Luckily they came to see me when the treatment was finished & I was able to visit with them a little.

I am absolutely amazed at how well the day went! We met with Dr. Daly briefly to discuss the pic line option for next time & he said he would be in touch regarding that & the CT scan. We left for home right after that & I went to bed again. I woke up later on & called a few friends. I NEVER feel well enough to do that! Whoo hoo! May each & every round left run as smoothly as this one! (I'm still going for acupuncture. I need the one up on chemo!)

I had jokingly told the girls in the treatment room before I started that they could put me in a coma if they wanted to. I guess they did! :o) Bring it on!

On a positive note, Jaco has now driven enough times that I no longer need to tell him where to turn & which lane to be in! He's finally remembering his way! And he even came back to the hospital on time today! I didn't have to wait for him! Oh the joys of chemo! :oP

With that, thank you for your continued prayers, positive energy & support - it means so much more than you'll ever know. I'm learning so much throughout this entire 'chapter'. Friends that I assumed would be there, have become invisible & those I least suspected have stepped up to the plate. My definition of family has been reviewed & altered, there are so many changes taking place in every area of my life, I'm doing my best to stay caught up!

With gratitude,
Maria xxxx
(& Jaco, Valentina & Oceana)

Sorry - no photos these past few days! But there are more coming!


Rank: 2nd Kyu said...

Well Jill, it seems like you needed yesterdays slight meltdown to put everything in perspective and allow yourself to push forward.

I can't pretend to know what you are going through by any stretch of the imagination, I can only tell you that we think of you all the time and are really happy Jaco is there with you through these yucky times.

Love to you both and I wish this would all just be over!!!

~ K (&W)

Burnett Family said...

So proud of you for persevering!! Christmas is going to be a glorious occasion this year for a whole new reason. Miss you and love you lots!

Anonymous said...

The mind is a powerful tool - as we discussed on the phone. Glad that your second attempt was much better, and happy to hear that you do have so much support with so many of your family coming in to see you at your treatment. Janis

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