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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 358 - Grandma B!

My Mom’s Mom came to visit today. My Grandma is pretty darn cool. She’s 80 some years young & still kickin’ it. My Uncle Jerry dropped her off for a visit this afternoon & my Mom & Ken were going to come & pick her up later this evening. Of course, my Mother’s timing was too on track with the schedule of an 84 year old Mother of 8. Grandma B was pretty pooped by the time Mom & Ken showed up with Chinese food for dinner (@ 8:30).

However, in the meantime, we watched a bit of Battle of the Blades on the internet, Grandma B tried on the afro wig, she told us about her children – 8 kids in 12 years!!! She was a busy lady! We had a really great visit! I am amazed at how upbeat she is despite the hardballs life has thrown her way. She’s a pretty hip chick all in all!

She & Jaco had a nice visit. I’m glad they can spend a little time together & get to know each other, seeing as he’s in the country so little! I made us some chicken sandwiches & tea to tide us over until Mom arrived with supper. Thank goodness I did, as it was a long wait! The food was worth the wait though!

Tomorrow will find my Dad visiting. I haven’t seen him since May, so hopefully I’ll still remember what he looks like! :oP


 Gettin' ready.
 Here we go!
 A little fluff here & there...
 And we look like a million bucks!
3 Generations of crazy hair!!!


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