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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 370 - Flames Game Anyone?

After a lovely lie-in I woke up to a few phone calls. I had to have the Picc line flushed & the dressing changed today. The gals at PLC had told me I would work with a Cochrane Homecare Nurse. Although they told me I would most likely have to drive to Cochrane to have the dressing changed. Correct me if I'm wrong, but how is it Homecare if I have to leave my home & drive to them? Anyhow, it ended up I had to work the the Homecare nurses from Black Diamond, which suits me fine, as I like the Black Diamond Doctors, so why not the nurses too?!

Joan drove out late that afternoon to see me & was very nice. She is the perfect image of a Nurse. She is kind, soft spoken, caring, thoughtful & of course, good at what she does! They visit Jim every Monday, so we set up the schedule so they can hit two birds with one stone, so to speak.

We had been trying to arrange for Flames tickets for Jaco, Greg & Ken, without much luck. That's when Jacqueline called. She asked if we would like to go to the Flames game! Her parents have season tickets & they weren't going tonight. I told her that we were looking to send the guys & she said we could go if we wanted. So, Jaco & Greg were going, but Ken couldn't make it. We called Roxy's husband, Kevin, & he drove down from Sylvan Lake to go to the game.

The seats were in the 2nd row right next to the ice. Jaco LOVED the game. He told me later that he could have gotten into hockey if he only knew how to skate & use the stick. Is that all, eh? The boys looked like little kids on Christmas day when they came home! It was fabulous to see those grins! Thanks for thinking of us Jacqueline!

Roxy & I stopped at Planet Organic on our way in. She had never been there before, so we strolled from aisle to aisle checking out all the interesting things. Roxy is on a mainly raw diet, which I admire her for, as I don't currently have the discipline to stick to a diet like that. We enjoyed some coconut water/passion fruit drinks & I picked up some lemon sorbet to enjoy later on.

Roxy & I then went in to Mom2's place & fitted Oceana's Halloween costume. She's a burger. Valentina is a hot dog. I'm the mustard. Now to find the ketchup for Papa. We'll be one fast food family!

The 3 hockey widows sipped tea & gabbed about life & all it's wonderful paths.

I'm sacked. Lekker slaap!

 Finnegan tries on the burger
Does he look impressed? 
 Oceana teasing Valentina
Hamburger & hot dog. 
 Hot diggety dog(s)!
Tweet Pea as a Burger 
The Happy Fans! 
Three thumbs up!


Anonymous said...

Great costumes for the pups! Janis

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