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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 362 - Off to the Races!

Well, we're off to the North Country. We're headed to Edmonton for the next few days to visit some friends.

We managed to drop the girls off at Mom2's & made plans to visit Mom2 & co at Rocky Mountain House when they were at the Farm. She's a lifesaver in so many ways!!! (Valentina was in heat & every place we would be visiting had male dogs!)

I had told Jaco we could be there by 7, if we left at 4. We ended up leaving the city at 7 & arriving at 10. Whoops. We didn't have a place to stay for the night, as a few friends were unavailable/out of town. I had originally suggested Fantasyland Hotel, but the rooms were $250. We thought we'd check out a place close to the Mall, as we were going to explore it the next day. We ended up checking out the rooms at Fantasyland & lo & behold we scored a brilliant bargain on a hotel room! We got the last theme room available - the Western Room - not my first pick, but it was a room with a big tub! Hooray! (The rooms were on for half price - what a deal!) (This was now officially the anniversary weekend we never had!)

Of course the big tub was put to good use. I think I need one. It was awesome! My headache dissipated immediately! The room also had bunk beds - complete with jail bars! It was very 'ranch' themed. Log walls, horse scenes, cowboys, etc, etc.

We were given a coupon for a restaurant in the Mall - The Red Piano. It was a duelling piano bar & neither of us had ever been to one.  The musicians were really talented & sang a wide variety of songs - everything from R&B to jazz to country. The food was really yummy too!

Here's to a fun day exploring the Mall tomorrow & a great visit in the evening!


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