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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Day 254 - Bald As The Prairie

Well, it's done. And dusted. I'm officially bald. Tonight was the big par-tay & I'm pleased to say it was a shaving success! 

Mom ran around this morning like a chicken with its, never mind. Mom was REALLY BUSY this morning trying to help me get as much ready as possible. She ended up leaving for Saskatchewan about 1300. My brother & my Dad were competing in the Maple Creek Ranch Rodeo this year & they haven't done so in a long time. My Dad is also 60 this year, so I don't suppose he'll have many years left of competing! When I rebooked the date of the par-tay, I didn't check with anyone about conflicting events. I would have really enjoyed seeing my Dad & brother in the rodeo, but it wasn't meant to be! 

Mike & Jenn had camped over, so they were helping me throughout the day too. Jenn helped with the food preparation & Mike helped with the yard preparation. Harrison helped everywhere he could! He was pretty excited to be outside & exploring. He didn't care to have a nap, although he was clearly exhausted! Eventually we coaxed him into a nap in the house & he was out cold!

I was a bit panicked over the amount of food & I didn't think we would have enough. Of course, I now have a house full of leftovers! I was so thrilled that so many people were able to make it! They have no idea how much this means to me!

We had a wonderful time with many moments of laughter & smiles. It was so much more than just a bonfire & hotdogs. These people showed up & to me it felt like I had the support of a million people surrounding me. Facing chemo is a massive challenge surrounded by an ocean of fears. Losing my hair is just one of the hurdles to overcome. Tonight, they made it a fun filled evening & it couldn't have turned out any better. 

Thank you to:
- Mom - for all your hard work to set things up before you left
- Mike & Jenn - for all your help with EVERYTHING! The lawn, veggies, lanterns...
- Mom2 - Madelaine - for having the courage & unconditional love to shave your head with me. You never cease to amaze me! 
- Shauna & Scott - for filming & photographing the night's events
- Joe & Dara - for bringing food, chairs & a playmate for Valentina!
- Nathan - for showing up in uniform & keeping everyone well behaved! :oP
- Lara - for being inspiration & bringing Flyn, the Miracle Baby
- Greg - for BBQing delish burgers & getting the fire started!
- Russ - for supporting your sister & getting the fire started!
- Mah-Joy - for doing a smashing great job on our haircuts!
- Diane - for cutting my hair for Locks of Love
- Lawrence - for starting the mullet craze!
- Neil - for bringing the beautiful flowers
- Kristine - for continuing the mullet craze & reassuring me that short hair is beautiful!
- Nancy - for the beautiful pebble & the prayer
- Kevin - for showing up after a long shift & an early one tomorrow
- Vivian - for staying late & visiting with me (& for trying a s'more!)
- Robyn, Ray Ray, & Dez - for all your help getting things set up & hauled out to the fire!

Rather than post a few photos, which would never do the mullet, mohawk & rat tail justice, here's the link to the album on Facebook... 

Bald As The Prairie, Floatin' Like A Fairy

Btw, it feels REALLY GOOD on my scalp. My fingers like the feeling & my scalp does too. It's kinda like the 'shivery's' but all over your scalp... :o)

Love & hugs,
Maria & Valentina
ps - I'm sleeping with a toque on! My noggin is cold!


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