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Friday, July 09, 2010

Day 260 - Feelin' Hot Hot Hot!

Oh boy. Heidi was wide awake at 0630 when Jenn left for work, so that makes me somewhat coherent at 0630. I laid her down on the little mattress beside the couch & she did fall back asleep for an hour or so. Harrison was up at 0730 and him & 'Tina' played quietly (relatively). Pretty soon he asked me to play Bob the Builder (Can we build it? YES WE CAN!). Then it was time to play tug of war with 'Tina'. They ran around & around & around. It was quite entertaining to watch!

After I put Heidi down for a nap, I had a quick shower. I told Harrison to stay upstairs & watch Bob. I heard a bit of banging & when I went upstairs, the sliding screen door was lying against the deck railing. Oh dear. Well, I put it back on the railing & carried on. We put on our hats & sunblock & went outside to play in the back yard. We wrote on the sidewalk with chalk, blew bubbles, dug dirt, 'mowed' the lawn & Harrison drove his red car up & down the sidewalk. Still a wee bit paranoid about my dream from the previous evening, I kept a VERY close eye on Harrison. I had the video monitor with me, so I knew that Heidi was still sound asleep! Phew!

We went inside for some lunch about 1130. Heidi woke up at 1200. I fed her a bottle until 1215 & then Harrison & I went downstairs for his nap. We read a couple of books & then he laid down on the bed, head on the pillow, waiting for me to cover him up with his blanket. After I did, he said, 'Bye!' and that was it! Lights out! What a good boy! I'm lovin' this routine thing! What a great idea!!!

Mama came home shortly after & we chilled out for a bit. Once Harrison was awake, we went to town to order some supper. YUM! We had Vietnamese & it was delicious! I was quite full after only a small portion, but it was fantastic! We looked at some photos afterwards - I am editing Jenn's wedding photos in exchange for some movies. It's a great trade! 

I packed up my things & said farewell to Harrison & Jenn & motored home. Mom was doing a photo shoot at 1930 & I wanted to help. But. By the time I arrived home, I was wiped. I unpacked my things & was headed for bed when Unka Jer showed up! Oh dear. By the time I hit the hay, it was 0200. Yes, a 20 hour day. 

Thank goodness it was a sleeping day tomorrow! I'm wiped... See you tomorrow & NOT EARLY!!! :o)
Maria & Valentina

Harrison & Upside Down Tina

I tried to get Harrison to stay upside down too, but no luck!

So the other day Mike gave Harrison the bag of Goldfish & he shook the bag. There were Goldfish everywhere! Valentina thoroughly enjoyed the smorgasbord & managed to get her head inside the bag to give it a good lickin'.

Harrison chills out in the van while we wait for supper.


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