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Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 277 - Errands.

Wow. I'm realizing that today is day 277 - it's nearly a year since I started this blog! Where does the time go? I mean, July is pretty much done! Life is whizzing by at an incredible pace... No wonder I get dizzy!

Today was low key, compared to the action & vibrancy of yesterday! I muddled around most of the day at home. I'm not too sure what I did, but it took me most of the day! I left for town at 1600 & went to Calgary to get some groceries. I picked up a toy for Valentina. It was a cute crocodile. With a squeaker. It didn't last long. Poor fella. Even after I picked up the pieces, she still whiled obsessively & contemplated a way to climb up the table legs! 

It poured rain in town tonight, but it was nice & warm. I was at Costco in the northeast when it rained & they have a bunch of cedar shavings in the parking lot. They were wet (obviously) & they smelled wonderful! 

While I was checking out at Costco, the clerk was grabbing for a hair she felt stuck to her lips. I commented & said I don't have that problem anymore. She said she never thought of it that way, but maybe she'd give it a try (shaving her head). I told her I was going to lose mine anyways, so I might as well shave it off. I explained that I had cancer. She then says, 'Well, I suppose, it could be worse.' Um, pardon my ignorance & maybe it very well could be, but isn't the more 'worse' than cancer death? Before I had time to contemplate it any more, I hear the clerk behind me getting yelled at by some guy 'with a funny accent' who tried to sign with his wife's credit card. His wife was standing right beside him. Why couldn't she sign for it? Oh these cultural differences really get to me... Especially when they put down women... But I need to sleep, so I won't get started on that! :o)

Tomorrow is a cleaning day, as James & James are coming to visit! I'm very excited to see them! They are ship mates & have been traveling around western Canada these past few months, so I'm grateful I get included as a stop! 

Okay, I'm wiped & I'm am flat out of things to say... Lekker slaap & see you tomorrow! Oh, Jaco comes in 17 days... FINALLY!!!! It feels like I haven't seem him for 12 months, not 2! 

Maria & Valentina

Terrorizing the croc

The croc gets a breather

He looks happy, but...

Some vital anatomy is missing!


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