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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 264 - Another Rainy Day!

Today was another miserable rainy day in East Kananaskis. The Stephan's had wanted to visit the zoo today, but it was quite cold & it pretty much poured rain for the better part of the day. We took the day to do a whole lot of nothing. Well, not really.

Collet sewed frantically. She is working on a beautiful patchwork quilt for the wedding they are going to this weekend. She is one talented gal! 7.5 months pregnant & she's impossible to keep up with! Did I mention she also has a 2.5 year old son? Yeah, she's amazing! 

She worked on her quilt & I did my best to do laundry, clean up the kitchen, vacuum my room & clean the bathroom. Yeah, it took me all day. I'm pretty slow these days! And easily distracted! Collet decided to have a nap in the afternoon with Ezra & about then Jaco called. We had a chat for a while & then I had to run to town to get the mail. (I forgot to get water. Whoops.) 

Dave boosted Contemplate & found the fuse that keeps the 'door ajar' light on. I let it run for 1/2 an hour or so, but when I went to start it & run to town, she was dead again. Hmpf. 

Ezra played with 'Nini' until they were both pooped. He loves to play with her. It's quite entertaining. He'll take her toy, but when she gets ahold of the end of it & starts to pull, Ezra will stop & say, 'Help me! Help me!' Too cute.

Collet made dinner for us - she's a great cook too... Yeah, the list just keeps going on & on... We wanted to do some belly photos, but time ran away with us. I haven't been home much for any of my girlfriend's pregnancies, so I was really hoping to do some photos of Collet before the baby arrives. Tomorrow is chemo, so I don't suspect that I will feel up to it, but gosh darn it, I'm sure going to try! 

The best part of my day was when Dave & I were talking about Facebook pages & groups. He is making one or the other for True Hope & we were discussing the differences. We were looking at various groups & pages & at one point, I was on Suzanne Somers 'page'. Ezra walked up, saw Suzanne's profile picture & said, 'Grandma?' His Grandma, Peggy, is a gorgeous blonde. An honest error, but priceless! I had a great laugh! I hope she appreciates the compliment! 

They are going to go to the zoo tomorrow, since it's supposed to be nice out & I'll be busy at the hospital for most of the day. Fingers crossed I'll feel up to a little photo shoot in the late afternoon, early evening... 

Wish me luck for tomorrow... It's going to be a long day!
Love & health hugs,
Maria & Valentina

Working hard on the quilt!

Ezra hams it up with the mullet wig

Ezra & Nini jump!

Sharing Nini's tent


Anonymous said...

Cute photo of Ezra with the wig! Nice that you had a chance to visit with Collet and Dave. Janis

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