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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 280 - The Jameses Leave. :o(

Wah. Boo. I'm sad! I didn't want the Jameses to go. I kept hoping they'd decide to stay another day. But, sadly, they had to make there way to BC today. We had a simple breakfast & they were off on their way. Sniff, sniff...

My spirits were rejuvenated from the wonderful visit, but my body was telling me another story. The 0500 bone pain was leaving me feeling like an 80 year old! I had to do my 2nd shot at noon again today & I took another Tylenol right after & did my best to chill out for the afternoon. 

Of course, this was after I helped Mom unload 45 boxes of day planners out of the back of her truck! Minor detail! Good thing we did, as shortly after the rain started pouring down! I decided right then it would be a great day to laze on the couch & watch a movie. I watched It's Complicated, which was quite complicated! It was al-right. I certainly wouldn't zip out & pay to rent it, but it was cute. Both dogs cuddled with me on the couch while the movie played. 

When it was over, I decided to go to bed. At 1900! My earliest yet, I think! Okay, so I laid in bed for a few hours & chatted with my dear friend, Sarah. We hadn't had a long visit for a LONG time, so we were well overdue! She is such a clever girl! Whatever I need to learn more about, I can call Sarah. She is a wealth of information! Perhaps her most exciting information is her upcoming wedding! She's getting married this coming April & I am tickled pink for her! She has her fingers in many pies, but one of her creations is the Vancouver Artists Collective. If you're in the area, check it out!

After I finished chatting with Sarah, I read a few pages in my current book & then it was lights out! Okay, so I only fell asleep around midnight, but hey, even that's early for me! 

See you tomorrow!
Maria & Valentina

The sunrise at 0500 when bone pain kicks in.

The girls & I watching It's Complicated. 


Burnett Family said...

What a beautiful sunrise!! I must admit I don't see many, so thanks for capturing this one!

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