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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 269 - Reunion!

Well today was a short day! I woke up at 1130 with a migraine. I went back to bed & slept until 1600. The headache was still there, but no where near as fierce. The phone rang & it was Sarah! She's getting married! Yay! Fantastic news!!! I can't wait to be there! Sarah is a friend from ships, who lives in Vancouver. She is super talented in so many areas of life! Wowser! I'm so happy for her! 

While I was talking to her, Jenn called & said she was just leaving the city. I no sooner carried on my call with Sarah, when Dieter & Jim pulled into the yard! Still in my pj's, I told Sarah I'd have to call her back in a bit, as I had company. While Dieter & Jim were there, Jenn & her cousin arrived. 

We had a mini-visit when her cousin had to leave. She was starting a new job tomorrow & needed to make some further arrangements before the big day. I decided to get dressed & we whipped into town for a few things. Once we were back home, we went for a little walk into the yard & caught up. 

Jenn & I worked on the Grand Princess back in 2006. We last saw each other ONE YEAR AGO TO THE DAY!!!! We were at Ross & Krystle's wedding in Vancouver. How funny is that?!? One year later! What a special day!

We made some dinner & looked at a pile of photos - I think I have her convinced to go to Africa! We had tea & chatted some more. Valentina showed off her tricks & charmed Jenn to no end! Before we knew it, it was 0200 & we had a busy day planned for tomorrow! 

I'm so happy to have this far away visitor all to myself for 2 whole days! It's like I've won the lottery! She told me she went to Stampede, but didn't get to go to the rodeo, so here's hoping she'll be back next year & we can fit that in to the schedule!!! 

Stay tuned for more excitement & adventure tomorrow! 
Maria & Valentina

The Brat Pack from one year ago.

My Ship Sista!

The reason we all got together!


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