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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Day 255 - Faith Like Potatoes

Today was a quiet day. I didn't sleep well, so I was tired for most of the day. I visited Joe & Shauna at EVIC & met Shauna's parents. Kind of interesting - they prayed for me in the centre. That's the 3rd time it's happened at EVIC. Guess I attract prayers of healing when I'm there! No wonder I like it so much!

I walked home & spotted three young bucks in full velvet. I mean 'bucks' as in the deer kind, not handsome young men. It would be weird if they were dressed in velvet - would probably take away from the handsome part of the picture!

I went outside to bring in the solar yard lights, some camping chairs & to collect a few locks of hair for the scrapbook. Lucky I did, as while I was out, the wind picked up something fierce & the rain came shortly after! I was feeling a little like Dorothy & Toto with Valentina by my side. I watched the trees swaying back & forth, expecting them to *SNAP* at any given moment. I rushed inside & settled in for the night. 

A short post with no photos, but perhaps one of the most interesting moments of my life so far. I just finished watching Faith Like Potatoes. If you haven't seen it, it is well worth the time. I won't share much of it with you, although I'm sure you can tell it had something to do with faith. It is based on a true story & the lead fellow is a Farmer from Africa named Angus Buchan. I 'like' Angus Buchan on Facebook. I finished watching the movie on my laptop & flip over to Facebook. There, at the top of my 'Recent Posts' is a post from Angus Buchan! Oh my stars! With another 11 rounds of chemo staring me down, this was his post:

Angus Buchan WORDS: Life and Death are found in the confession of the mouth! In other Words, what you say is what you get. Deut 30:14, As we are living in critical times,like never before we need to be speaking Gods Words over our situations, and lives. Definitely not what this tired old world says and thinks, that will only lead you into depression, and hopelessness! So lift up that head, straighten those sagging shoulders, and say with the Saints of old, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, Phil 4:13, then go out into this World, and make it a better place to live in. God Bless,angus&jill .

How's that for a message sent straight to me?! Additionally, I caught my reflection in the mirror today & noted my poor posture & how I needed to straighten up & pull back my rounded shoulders. I guess someone else thinks so too! :o) Have a blessed week!

What a way to end the day. Maria & Valentina


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