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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 265 - False Alarm & False Labour!

And what a day it was. 

Collet & Dave & Ezra went to the zoo today. They had a fabulous day & Ezra loved seeing the animals. I think Collet was little wiped from all the walking & the extra 'luggage' she's toting these days! The arrived home around 2100. 

I, on the other hand, arrived home much earlier than planned. 

I was up at 0530 & in the shower shortly after. When I was out of the shower & getting ready, Mom poked her head in the door to see if Valentina wanted out. There's the Princess, lying in my bed, head on the pillow, covers up to her neck. She lazily looks over at Mom & then looks away. Apparently she didn't want outside! What a little turkey!

We made it to Peter Lougheed in 57 minutes. I went straight to the lab for blood work. Mom2 met me there. We both needed blood work done & she was also having some other tests done today, so we met up. They took my blood straight away & I headed back to the outpatient waiting area. 

There were about 12 patients called in the 1/2 hr while I waited to see Dr. Lategan. He is one busy Doc! Wow! When I was finally called in to see him, Vivian took my vitals & wrote a few notes. She was cute. She totally didn't recognize or remember me. I joked with her, thinking she couldn't have forgotten me so easily... I then remembered that I had a lot more hair the last time she saw me! :o) 

Dr. Lategan came in & check out the lumps. We went over my CT scan, he asked how I had been feeling & then checked my blood work. My CBC wasn't included in the write up, so he phoned. Hmpf. My WBC was 2.8 & my Neutrophils were 0.70. Too low for chemo. I need Neupogen. It's $1200/mo. Come back in one week. Great. 

I waltzed out to where the Mom's were sitting & said, 'Okay, we're done. My WBC is in the sink hole, so I'm back in a week. Let's go.' They both sat there stunned, not knowing what to say. I stopped by the pharmacy to apply for the Victory program, which helps supplement the Neupogen. The Pharmacist was very pleasant & most helpful. He said I should here from them by Friday for sure. Fingers crossed they will help me out with this drug! 

So, with no chemo, we decided to have lunch. We stopped at a nearby place & they weren't open until 1100. It was 1015. The gal opened the door for us & let us in! How nice was that??!! We had a lovely meal & then Mom2 had to go back to work & Mom had to do a few errands before we headed home. We made our way to Fort Calgary, where Lynyrd Skynyrd was apparently playing, as his semi-trailer was parked behind the fence & security was tight. A white stretch limo pulled up behind Mom & I was we walked across 9th Ave. Fun stuff! 

After she was finished dropping off a few batches of day planners, we made our way home. I was mentally exhausted & went straight to bed. I enjoyed a nice nap & a relaxing evening. I had been hoping that Collet would be back in time to do the belly photos, but no such luck. Looks like tomorrow will have to be a good day to do it!

We visited for a while this evening & then it was bed time for all of us! Here's to a productive day tomorrow & a fun, fabulous photo shoot! 

Love & hugs,
Maria & Valentina

I think Mom was snoring 2 minutes before this photo!

That's the white stretch limo behind us... Maybe my pal, Lyn, was in there...

Sweet Home Alabama...

Rock on Sista!!!


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