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Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 270 - Rainy Day in the Elbow Valley.

What a fun & fabulous day Jenn & I had!!! We both had a nice lie in & took it easy this morning. I made Mom's famous Coconut French Toast, which I think Jenn enjoyed - she put on a good face if she didn't! :o) We got ready & headed '13.5 kms further down the highway' for Elbow Falls. Just as it started to rain. 

We walked around the falls & Valentina led the way. It was quite cool & wet, of course. Just my luck. A beautiful morning & by the time we head out, miserable! Anyways... We left the Falls & headed to Forget-Me-Not Pond. I love it down there! Especially on a Monday - it was empty & quiet. Today was extra empty, as it was pouring rain & you couldn't see a mountain to save your soul! Doh! We walked around the pond & took photos of this & that, while Valentina became one drenched little Sausage Dog! She was shivering something fierce by the time we returned to the truck!

We headed to town to pass a bit of time & decided to walk around the shops. I hadn't been in them for ages, so it was fun for me to! We chatted about ships & life post-ships, ahh, the joys of life... 

When we finished up in the last of the shops, the sun had returned, so we decided to drive BACK to Forget-Me-Not Pond & have a look at the mountains. We walked around the pond again & photographed flowers, reflections & anything else we felt so inclined to. We had our little point & shoots & it was a blast! On the way back to the house, we stopped at EVIC & photographed the rose bushes out front. The droplets on the roses made for some pretty pictures! We somehow got talking about 4-leaf clovers & I said I had a knack for finding them. Jenn didn't believe me, so I stuck my nose in the grass until I'd found 3 of them. Now she has no excuse not to get lucky! :oP

We left EVIC for home & decided to go to town for supper. In wigs. Yup. We gussied up & put on our 'alter-egos' & went to town. Hmpf. Infusion was closed. Madrina's was closed. We left for Calgary. Pasquale's was closed. Milestones was closed. Moxie's was... OPEN! We had a fun meal with plenty of fun looks! Even a few fun comments! Oh this is going to be fun! I'll have to start compiling a list of names for the wigs... :o) Jaco won't recognize me when I meet him at the airport!!! 

I'm sad Jenn is leaving tomorrow. I've really enjoyed visiting with her & it's been inspiring to have someone to shoot with. Even if we did use our 'little' cameras, it's still a blast to step outside my frame of reference & see things from someone else's perspective. I hope she'll be back next year for a longer stay... We didn't get to visit Waterton & she didn't even get to the rodeo at Stampede!!! I showed her a few photos & videos from my rodeo day, but that's NO WHERE near the same! Here's to next summer!!! 

Enjoy your last sleep in the Rockies my friend, for tomorrow you fly home... It's been a real blessing to have you here... 
Love & hugs,
Maria & Valentina

ps - Valentina is going to miss you something fierce!!!

Elbow Falls

Jenn & Tweet Pea pose purdy.

Avec la pluie

Sans la pluie

Stunning any way you look at it!!!

Tree tears.


Beautiful blues & greens

My backyard!

Can't remember the name of it...

Yes sirree! It's a wild strawberry & they are delish!

The wolf willow was in bloom & it smelled amazing!

Tweet Pea's new BFF

While picking the rose photos for the blog, I swear I could smell them!

All I want for Christmas (?) is a macro lens.

Love the flowers!

With our butts in the bushes!

One of the best smells in the world. Wild roses.

Three in a row.

Tweet Pea waits patiently.

Smokin' Sista!

Here goes nothin'!

Practicing our pouts!


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