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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 266 - Fabulous Fotos!!!

Seeing as today was an unexpected free day from the drama of chemo, I had the green light to go ahead & do the photos with Collet! I was so excited for the warm light of the evening to fall - I could barely contain myself!

She worked hard on her quilt & managed to get all the stitching done. The only parts remaining are the fraying of the edges & ironing on the photos. Well done! Dave worked on several tasks for True Hope & Ezra had himself a ball in a mud puddle or two I made for him. He was riding his bike with Dad & when they quit for a bit, I thought I'd take the hose & make a few small puddles for him to ride through. He did. But then it was time to bring out the big guns! He brought a few dinosaurs over & sat right down in the puddle. What a cutie! 

Collet & I played with our wardrobes & found some lovely costumes for the shoot. I was like a kid in a candy store. It's one thing to shoot some photos, but it's a whole other ball game to get some beautiful results back! I was so happy she let me do this for her. I've been missing this part of my life!

For the rest of the evening, we just chit-chatted & I drove myself crazy trying to organize the new 'folders' on my iTouch. Collet hemmed a bunch of my clothes I found sitting in a bag in my closet - it was like going shopping in your own home! I forgot about them! I missed them! :o) 

Anyhow, they are off to the wedding tomorrow, I'll miss having them around! It's been a fun week! I can't wait until the baby arrives! I'm going to have even more fun with photos!!! Here's a few of what we did today...

Maria & 'Nini'

Just waiting for the photos!

The backside of the quilt

Fun in the mud

Mud from head to toe!

But we're having fun!

Fun in the sun!


Loungin' Mama to be!

Purdy girl!

Not long to go!

Belly shot!

Is it a boy or a girl? If it's a boy, he'll shoot me!

Beautiful Mama

A new sibling for Ezra!

I LOVE these ones!




Photographer's Happy Dance!

Thanks Collet! You're a star!

Shoot #2

Beautiful Mama!

Love that grin!

Can't wait to meet the new little one!


Who knew I had such great backdrops on the ranch?!?

Collet - you're beautiful!

It was hard to pick!

It's a big beautiful belly!

Great belly!

What a present this will be!


Burnett Family said...

Collet you look stunning! Good luck with the birth of number 2!

JILL!! These are gorgeous!! Start advertising and making some money, honey! Love you to bits!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous photos, Jill! Well done! My very fav is the last one.

Collet: you are looking gorgeous! It looks like you just stuffed a ball in your dress as you are so tiny everywhere else! AMazing quilt by the way.


Anonymous said...

Wowsers, Jill! You're a rockstar! What awesome pictures! I would be honored if one day it works out for you to take pictures of my family for me!!! Hugging you in my heart! Leisa Matheson

Jill Marie said...

Thanks Lushush Ladies! I appreciate the positive response! Anytime you want to come & visit, I'll gladly do photos... I've found some great new places to shoot! xxxx

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