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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Day 259 - Survival of the Fittest!

Oh deary me. I had the worst dream of my life last night/this morning. Those of you who know me, will remember that I have, most likely, some of the most bizarre & far-fetched dreams out of anyone else you & I may know. However, this one was so REAL, I woke up frozen with fear. 

I dreamt I was in Wal-Mart with Heidi, the baby girl I was to care for today & tomorrow, and I was carrying her, along with something else. Somehow, Heidi slipped out of my grasp & I didn't even notice. By the time I did notice that I wasn't holding her any longer, I couldn't find her. She was gone. I panicked, frantically looking everywhere for her. The store called a 'CODE ADAM' & the doors were locked & the lights dimmed. (Not sure why you would dim the view when you're LOOKING for something, but hey, it was a strange dream.) The staff looked for about 30 seconds & then the lights came back on & the doors opened & it was business as usual. No sign of baby Heidi. I was running around the largest Wal-Mart I've even seen. I finally called my Mom to come & help me look. I couldn't bear the thought of having to tell Jenn that I had lost their beautiful, perfect, happy little girl! 

Mom came & helped me look. We asked people if they'd seen her - Nope. UGH! Someone must have kidnapped her! Oh where could she be!? Finally I had to call Jenn. Between sobs & hyperventilation, I told the story. Jenn rushed over from work to help look for her daughter. While she was checking in with the dry cleaners (What? Doesn't your Wal-Mart have dry cleaners?) I went along the way to look elsewhere. When I couldn't find Heidi, I turned around to go back & find Jenn when I realized I was lost. 

I thought I knew where I was headed when I hopped onto this strange escalator. It was brightly coloured & there were a lot of kids on it. It didn't have any hand railings & it was quite curvy. I suddenly realized it was fast too! By this point, I couldn't get off. I was fast approaching a sharp dip & turn. Yep, as I rounded the turn at the bottom, I went sailing off the escalator over the housewares when I abruptly woke up. 

Thank goodness the dream was over. But where was Heidi? I realized that Jenn was already gone to work & I was so relieved to see both Heidi & Harrison in their beds. We did NOT go outside at all today. The door was locked. Sorry. Maybe tomorrow if I have pleasant dreams tonight!!! Phew! What a way to start the day! 

The rest of the day went really well. I am so impressed with the routine Jenn & Mike have Heidi & Harrison on. It really makes life easy for both the parents & the children. In fact, I'm thinking I need a routine to keep my life simplified! Harrison & Tina played famously & I'm not sure which of the two enjoyed it more! 

When Jenn returned from work, she took Harrison downtown for some errands & I napped on the couch with Heidi snoozing close by. Jenn made a fantastic seafood pasta & caesar salad for supper & afterwards, we finished watching The Prince of Persia & She's Outta My League. Both were fantastic! The Prince of Persia is one of my new favourites & She's Outta My League was great for a laugh. A little crude in places, but still good for a gas!

I had ran into town for a few things & while I was unloading the truck, this fellow & his little boy walked by. Here's how our conversation went:
'Hi. How are you?', he said.
'Good thanks.'
'It's a beautiful night, eh?'
'Yes, definitely. Summer is finally here!'
'Yes, it's nice. You look like Demi Moore.'
'Wow! Thank you!'

Yeesh, I could pay him every day to walk by & say that! Thanks! Now, if only I had the figure to go along with it!!! :o)

And then there was the phone call to Shaw cable. Jenn's internet wasn't working & since the phone is through the internet, we were without communication. I said I'd ask the neighbour if we could borrow the phone & call Shaw to see what the problem was. As I popped out the door, the neighbour across the fence was just going inside. So I asked Sarah if I could use her phone to call Shaw. She was a little hesitant to lend us the phone - I think she thought I was going to call Ethiopia or something. I reassured her it was only Shaw & since the phone reception wouldn't reach into the house, I sat on the step & called from there. I was on hold for a whopping 57 minutes before someone finally answered my call! Crazy! They couldn't even do anything to fix the internet either! Anyhow, while I was on hold, listening to the 'Unbreak My Heart' chorus over & over & over, I asked Jenn if she would mind clipping the back of my hair for me. Of course, she didn't mind. 

It wasn't until we were mid-way through the process that we realized how silly we looked. I was wearing a ratty old tank top & some sweat pants. Mike had been away less than 24 hours & I had 'moved in'. Looking rather 'butch' in my sweat pants & tank top with a shaved head, I'm sure the neighbours were brewing up the rumours. 'My goodness, the husband's not even gone a day & the lesbian lover has already moved in!' 'Gasp! I know! Can you believe it? Those poor little children, growing up with two Mom's & an unsuspecting Dad!' Oh well, at least they'd know who the 'other man' is in the relationship! We had a pretty good laugh! 

So there you have it! Day 1 of SuperNanny survives without losing a child in Wal-Mart! Yay! Here's to an even more successful tomorrow! Sleep well! I know I will!
Maria & Valentina

There's no mistaking it - Harrison looks so much like his Daddy!

My Not-So-Feminine Outfit & the kids. Harrison & I have the same haircut!


Burnett Family said...

I love both these pictures! Thank you AGAIN for all your help! You are well preparred for motherhood after watching our babies :) I can't wait to return the favor when you and Jaco need some downtime! Love you girl! And I agree, you DO look like Demi Moore!

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