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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Day 257 - The Sherman's Swing Through!

Ugh. Brutal headache. Again. Muscle knots in my back & sinus pains. Fun way to start the day!

Mike came by with the kids to pick up the tent trailer & I don't think Harrison recognized me with my new 'do'. He was pretty shy compared to his usual chatty self! I'm sure he'll get used to it... at least I hope so!

About the time Mike had everything hitched up, Janis & Dustin showed up. As Dustin is deathly allergic to cats, he couldn't come in the house, so I quickly grabbed a few things & we headed out for Elbow Falls for a picnic lunch.

Hmm. It was sunny at the house when we left. It was rainy at the falls. It was sunny when we returned to the house. It was rainy when I left for EVIC. It was sunny by the time I got there. Strange day!

I was thoroughly impressed with Caleb's vocabulary! He has grown a lot since I saw him in March. But he is so good with his words! Wow! He repeats what Janis & Dustin say & he says it so well! At only 20 months, I was blown away! Janis & Dustin must be doing something right!

We enjoyed a lovely lunch & then strolled around the pathways to the Falls. It is really great for me to have someone to enjoy the 'backyard' with. It's always there, but I rarely go, as I don't have anyone to go with! (Consider that your invitation!!!) 

They were off to the city to visit a friend who just returned from SA & the World Cup. I was excited to talk to him & I don't even know him! I'll bet he had a blast & will be ranting about it for weeks to come!

I was impressed with the new decals on the vehicle - Little Tree Hugger - and I am so proud of Janis & the business she has created with her sister. I shared the Taslie samples I was sent & hopefully it will make a great addition to the business! 

After they were back on the road, I headed down to EVIC to return Joe's ketchup & mustard & to chat with Shauna. As always we enjoyed a quick visit, but I didn't stay too long - she was ready to go home for the day! 

Naturally I ventured back home & found myself on the phone for the better part of the evening. If it wasn't one call coming in, I was returning another! I could barely keep up! I said I was going to go to bed early this evening & here it is, nearly 1 a.m. again! Sigh. ONE DAY I WILL GET TO BED EARLY!!!!! 

On that note, I'm outta here. Sweet dreams... Lekker slaap...
Maria & Valentina

One of my favourite smells in the WORLD.

Gorjuss Gurls.

The Infamous Elbow Falls. 13.5 kms from EVIC.

Dustin, Janis, Caleb, Copper & Mugs

Pur-dy Rainbow.


Anonymous said...

Had a lovely visit with you too, Jill. Also, tried out the Taslie lotion on the way home - nice a light, not greasy! Thanks again! Janis

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