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Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 267 - Hoedown.

Well, today the Stephans left for Ponoka. I was supposed to meet Dad for lunch, but a 'Personal Crisis' had him back in Saskatchewan. Good thing I didn't leave early! 

I left the house around 1300, got fuel in Bragg Creek & said goodbye to Dave, Collet & Ezra at the Husky. I headed for Cochrane to purchase my business license/register my business. Yes, I'm finally doing something! Don't hold your breath. It will be awhile in the making!! :o) I'll leave it at that! 

I had quite the chuckle at the Registry. Some Chinese fellow was doing something with his license. The gal behind the desk needed him to do an eye exam. He couldn't understand English. She asked him to read a line & he would spout off letters & letters & letters until she would interrupt him & tell him there were actually only 6 letters in the line! He couldn't figure out where to put his head, after she told him three times - on the bar in front of you... Oh dear, as funny as it was, how on Earth with this chap know how to read road signs & drive safely?!?! Not cool!!!

I stopped in at Jenn & Mike's for a quick chat - Jenn was sleeping, as was Harrison. As soon as Harrison woke up & saw me, he asked for Tina! Too cute! Jenn woke up a little later & we had a quick chat before I dashed off to the city. I stopped at Winners to return something & when I was there, the lady came up to me, looking all flustered & said, 'I just have to tell you, you look like you just walked out of Cosmo magazine!' Wow! That totally made my day! Heck, it made my week! Thanks Stranger!

I stopped at Stampede to see Mom's friend, Gena LaCoste, who had an exhibit in the Artist's Pavilion. I sat & talked with her for awhile & she told me her son was in the city on a brief break from Training. He's a soldier in Afghanistan. He was doing some hectic training in the wee hours of the morning on the Red Deer River. It sounded pretty crazy. But I think she was pretty excited to see her son, if only for a little while. He's away a lot. Gena is a VERY talented watercolour artist. You should check out her work! Wow!

I also stopped to see Shawna Whiteside again. We had another little chat about health & cancer & chemo. She offered some wonderful tips to make the journey that much easier... I'm grateful for people like her who have traveled down the path & come out smilin' & swingin'! 

I visited the South African/Canadian couple again - I'm excited to keep in touch with them... If you want to check out their stuff - Casa by Meg - it's pretty fun stuff & they also help local children back in SA... Even better!

Another long day, I was looking forward to my bed & a nice relaxing day tomorrow... No more stampeding for me... My feet are killing me & this Cosmo girl is headed straight to bed... Yee-Awn.

And I forgot to mention - I called this post 'Hoedown', as I wore a different pair of boots to Stampede today & I think I pulled a groin muscle. This Hoe is Down for the count. No more Stampede for this chick!!!

Maria & Valentina

Gena's booth - showing off her artistic talents!


Burnett Family said...

Oh my gosh, you kill me! Keep writing, I LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

haha. Hoe Down. You make me laugh! Janis

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