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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 275 - The Mack Truck Drives Away. In 1st Gear.

Yup. Not too much to report today. Still felt like rubbish. It's slowly passing. I think my frustration with the crap internet connection this evening is a good sign that my fatigue is passing. :oP Argh! 

Woke up this morning with a sty in my eye & a tingly tongue. All day it's been bothering me. Every time I eat or drink anything, it's like I've just sucked on a lemon. Not sure what that's about, but I'm hoping it passes too! 

Mom was gone all day to the Ranch Rodeo in Nanton. I lacked the energy to head over to the Pow Wow, so I pretty much vegged at home again. I managed to tidy up the 6 bins of photos/scrapbooking stuff. Somewhat. I think I tidied 2 bins & left the other 4 for another 'rainy day'. I also cleaned out the fridge. That was fun. 

Nothing like rotten cilantro juice running down your leg as you pull the bag out of the fridge the wrong way. Watermelon with moldy acne, milky vegetables & broccoli that smells like the cat's litter box. Ahh, another day in paradise. 

Speaking of paradise, it really was beautiful out today! I sat in the sun & soaked up some Vitamin D. It was hot - I think the chemo is affecting my thermometer. Normally the heat wouldn't bother me, but today it did! I felt like a sloth! But I must say... It was a perfect evening. I walked down to the barn to let Shufly out & the air smelled so sweet & alive, I gasped in deep breath after breath. The full moon was glaringly bright as it peeked over the trees lining the hilltop. The air was still warm, with the occasional cold pocket here & there. It couldn't have been a more perfect evening. I let Shufly out of the corral, gave him a rub behind the ears & he took off to the meadow below at a full gallop. The grass is belly high - heaven for a hungry horse! He circled around 2 unsuspecting deer grazing in the meadow & stopped to greet the other horses in an adjacent pasture. The deer took that moment to make their escape! It really was a perfect night. 

Here's hoping tomorrow finds me with energy to boot & a chance to get off the ranch! (And for more sunshine!) xxxx Maria & Valentina

Okay, so I was about to post a photo from our wedding, because I really miss my Man & I had prettier hair then! :o) But, the background story... I spent a LARGE part of the night looking for a nice website template to show off my photos. I looked last year & had found one I quite liked. I thought I'd bookmarked it, but apparently not. I looked & looked & googled & googled & no luck. I looked at nice & nasty sights. Some really nice, some not so nice. None were the SAME as what I'd seen last year. I searched my emails to see if I'd sent anyone a message about it. Nope. Argh. Anyhow... Here I am looking for a wedding pick & here's a webpage saved in the wedding photographer's folder (probably by me, by accident) & lo & behold, it's the website I was after! Hooray! 

I then proceed to sit back on the bed, I'd left the room, and here's Valentina sprawled out on the bed with her head under the blankets. Guess she wants the lights dimmed! Lastly, that annoying moth that's been flitting about the lamp for the past few hours has finally quit flitting. Yeah. He's in my water glass now. Thanks. On that note, I'm sleeping peacefully knowing I can finally make my website choices! xxxx Maria...

Ignore my little watermark - Mario Sales did the miraculous work on our special day.


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