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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Day 258 - SuperNanny Flies Again!

With a headache still slowing me down, I visited on the phone with a few friends this morning, while Mom panicked about the grease in the BBQ. Hint - If you visit & use the BBQ, be sure to clean it up! She was a wee bit cranky! Add to the fact that there was a MOUSE in the bottom of the BBQ & I was squealing like a stuck piggy! Eeeew! I do not like rodents!!!! I promptly grabbed Adios & put him on the little table where the BBQ sits. He didn't even bat an eyelash. Hmpf. Too bad he could perform at EVIC & not here! Apparently Adios had caught a few mice earlier in the morning, so I guess he had reached his quota for the day! In any case, it got my heart pumping quickly!

I was supposed to be heading up to Cochrane to hang out with Harrison & Heidi for a couple of days, but this head was not allowing me much enjoyment whatsoever! I laid down mid-afternoon & finally decided I was fit enough to get ready & go. I took a few things & headed out towards Cochrane with Valentina by my side. Harrison loves 'Tina', as he calls her, and the past few times when I've stopped in I haven't had her with me. The disappointment on his face breaks my heart! So, now I make sure 'Tina' is always there too!

The children were already sound asleep by the time I got there (about 2100). I visited with Jenn & Mike for a bit & then we decided to watch The Prince of Persia. Hmm... We only watched half of it, as it was a late start & tomorrow was an early morning... I will look forward to the end of it tomorrow! It was a slow start, but by the time we pressed 'pause', I was well into it! 

Wish me luck with the tiny tots! Sleep well & see you tomorrow! 
Maria & Valentina

Photobooth Goodnight!


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