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Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 281 - Wolves & Coyotes

So I am quite possibly one of the world's worst sleepers. I can NOT sleep straight through the night. On average, I'm up about 3x to use the little girls room. Last night was no exception, except... when I woke up at 0500 to pee, I heard a noise. Not just any noise. Wolves. Not just one. Several. At least three. Howling. Bone chilling. Soul stirring. Pure, raw & certainly savage. It was one of the most exciting things I've ever experienced. I managed to grab my SLR & record the audio. I have about one minute of good solid footage of them howling. I LOVE it! 

When I was a little girl, I loved lambs. Then I swapped to wolves. Talk about opposites. I suppose it was similar to my taste in music. I went from the Emeralds - Bird Dance to Crystal Gayle, you know, the country chick with her hair to her ANKLES. Then it was on to Cyndi Lauper. Anyhow, I have yet to see a wolf in the wild, but hearing them is certainly amusing! 

I decided to go outside & see if I couldn't film the moon, the trees AND catch the wolves howling. All I managed to do was get both dogs barking, frighten my mother & when I did finally set foot outside, all I could hear was the river across the highway! It did smell incredibly fresh though! I went back inside (where it was warm) & recorded a few more clips. I heard Mom getting a drink, so I went out to tell her what I heard. She told me to wake her up next time I hear them. I have this sinking feeling if I do, the conversation will go a little something like this:
"Mom! Wake up! The wolves are howling."
"The wolves are howling."
"Are you coming to listen?"
"What time is it?"
"It's four thirty."
"Oh. I have to get up in two hours."
"Yeah. Are you coming or what?"
"No. Just shut my door when you go."

And she'll remember half of the conversation come morning. But I'll wake her up anyways!

I could hardly fall back asleep I was so excited about the magnificent howling I had just heard. I posted an update on Facebook & went back to sleep. 

When I did get up for the day, I didn't accomplish a lot. I ordered some baby things for my girlfriends due this month. I have an incredible girlfriend, Janis, who has created an eco-baby goods business with her sister. Check them out (Little Tree Hugger) if you need any baby things! I still have one more order to place with Taslie & then I'm set for baby gifts! I helped Mom with a bit of book keeping, visited EVIC, ran to town for water & the mail, and visited with my brother's friend, Hayley. I had heard about her before, but she was a delightful young lady! She is tall & gorgeous & so pleasant to visit with. I'm not sure what my brother is thinking... She's a catch! Oh well, as they do...

After Hayley left (she'd stopped to pick up a few day planners from Mom), I heard Oceana at the door. She was whimpering. Valentina was already in the house. What was that other noise? It sounded like a dog barking. But I didn't recognize the bark! It wasn't Oceana. Was there a dog lost from the campground? I went out on the deck & poor Oceana came streaking inside. 

Sure enough, I could hear barking in the clump of trees closest to the gate. I whistled at the dog. It barked back. Again & again & again. I finally decided it's bark wasn't quite a dog bark. It was a coyote. Be darned if the dirty dog wasn't trying to lure our dogs into the woods! I was horrified at the thought of little Valentina going to investigate & then being a cocktail wiener! I went inside to tell Mom to come out & when I went back outside, the coyote had moved places. His barks were coming from the bottom of the meadow. He was still out of sight, but he responded to my whistles. Pretty soon I saw him pop up on the other side of the meadow, where the power lines run. He stopped & looked at us & continued barking. Ooooh! I was so mad! Looks like the little dogs are going to have to be under strict supervision from now on! No wandering ANYWHERE!!! 

I found an old metal box tonight while I was looking for a computer cable. I had an 'epiphany' last night that it held all my old jewelry from high school. I could find the key, to I tried to 'pick' the lock with my Leatherman. Fat chance, but it worked! I could open it, but not close it. So I had a little trip down memory lane as I pilfered through my cheesy old jewelry. I will see if I can take apart some of it & use it for something 'new'. It was fun to find earrings & pendants & think to myself, 'Really? Did I really wear that? And I thought I was cool, too!' Fun times!

Anyhow, another quiet weekend shaping up... Everyone is out enjoying the long weekend & gorgeous weather... Make the most of it - Summer is flying by!
Maria & Valentina

Oceana snoozes in the sun.

Our new watchdog.

Getting a better look.

Mom & Hayley

Turn up your volume & pardon the 'clicks'!


Anonymous said...

That's absolutely incredible! Listening to that made me realize I've never actually heard wolves in real life before. Alexa was standing here listening with me with an alarmed look on her face. "Yikes", she said.
I don't think I'd ever sleep at night! Thanks for sharing, Jill! That was cool!

Burnett Family said...

That footage is fantastic! Thanks for sharing. Truly chilling indeed. Keep a close eye on your wienies!

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