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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 454 - Dentist, Bank, Luggage, Packing!

Oh my. I’m so far behind I don’t know how I’ll ever catch up. I’m sitting her trying hard to remember what I did on the 20th of January. The day before I left for West Palm Beach, Florida. Then it hits me!

I had a dental appointment for a cleaning in Black Diamond. I raced over for that. I visited with Lois, my favourite Hygienist, about the past 6 months. Her dog is not doing well. I am very sad for her.

I will see her in a few weeks when I return from Florida. I have to see the Dentist, so I’ll be back into the clinic. My teeth are still very sensitive, despite using special toothpaste for the past 6 months.

I picked up a few boxes of dog food for the girls to last while I’m gone and then headed for Okotoks. I stopped at the TD bank to close my business account & deposit some money. The Teller was so kind. She didn’t ding me for closing the account early. When I had opened it, I was under the impression I would ‘pay as I go’ for transactions, but apparently they were still going to charge me $9/month regardless of my transactions. We started chatting & her Mom had recovered from Breast Cancer last year. She had shaved her head in support of her Mom! That made my day! Shockingly she received a lot of judgment for doing so. She had clients at the bank who refused to be served by her! Some even commented audibly, questioning why the bank would let someone sick work at a bank! The nerve! I tell you!

After the bank, I boogied to the city & picked up my suitcase. It had come back damaged from Cuba & I had it replaced. (Eagle Creek – No Matter What – Best Luggage Ever!) I picked it up & stopped at Mom2’s for a quick visit. I didn’t stay long, as there was still plenty of packing to do! Honestly, I’m amazed at how much stuff is in that room! My goodness!

One more day until I fly away… Wish me luck!

xxxxMaria, Oceana, Valentina & Adios

Adios stretched out
Oceana keeps warm by the Mac
The girls help me pack


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