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Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 455 - Packing Still!

Today was the last ditch effort to pack up the odds & ends. I seem to have a lot of them. I thought I was doing well. Apparently not. I ended up pitching the last of the stuff into a few boxes – now unsorted & unlabeled – and threw them into the small room. I packed my suitcase for Florida & headed into the city. I wanted to stay at Mom2’s tonight, as I didn’t want to be rushed or late tomorrow. I also didn’t want to chance something going wrong with the car or roads & I end up missing my flight.

With the girls in tow, the excitedly whined & cried as I drove the last few blocks to Mom2’s. It was quite cute. I always worry if they will be happy somewhere else. It seems as though they are liking their temporary home. I’m happy about that!

Alright… That’s it! I’m packed up & moved out! Well, mostly. The rest will have to finished when I get back from Florida. Wish me luck! Here comes 3 weeks of no sugar, dairy, meat or anything cooked! I’ll feel like a brand new person by February 12th! I must say, I’m very much looking forward to the change. Bring on the health!

xxxxMaria, Valentina, Oceana & Adios (for one last night!)

The Girls are sad I'm leaving. I am too.
Kiss kiss!
Passed out.
Out cold
Really out of it!
Still out of it.


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