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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 461 - I Can Do It!

Last night was cold! I shivered in the bed all night long! No heaters in these joints! My roommate & I managed to get out of bed in time to catch the 0800 meditation class. It was really nice! I didn’t even fall asleep this time! We went to the beds-room - where  they have the laser, water, electromagnetic & lymph beds. We each hopped on a bed & did a quick little session before heading over to the Aerobics Room & booking our H-Wave treatments. We did our yummy wheatgrass shots & then ventured over to the Fitness Centre. I went in, but didn’t work out. (Technically I went to the gym!) We were going to go get our swimsuits when we stopped at the Wigmore Hall & got sidetracked. We ended up chatting with Alexsandra from Switzerland for awhile & then it was lunch time.  I must say, the day of fasting really made a difference! I was so happy to eat food today that it all tasted delicious! We had a raw jambalaya & some kind of vegetable that tasted like apple pie! It was wonderful!

The afternoon found us learning about Organic Food – obviously fruits & vegetables. I was amazed at what I learned. I am officially an Organic Food Convert! I would encourage each & every one of you to look into it. If you think it’s not such a big deal, email/call me & I’ll tell you what I’ve learned! It’s fascinating & there is no excuse why we should continue to use pesticides, herbicides & take the easy way out! It’s scary!

After that session, we had a Kitchen Awareness session. It ROCKED! I actually learned how to make some really yummy food! And it’s easy! And they did it in less than 15 minutes each! Well, minus the soaking & dehydrating – but it was awesome! I’m excited to come home & share the goodies with you!

Lastly, Brendan Brazier showed up at 1900 to do a lecture on being a vegan Triathlete. It was quite inspiring & very interesting. He has a book called Thrive or The Thrive Diet. If you have an interest in being an athlete of any sort, I would encourage you to pick it up! He’s Canadian by the way!

Okay, I’m topped up with wheatgrass, sauna’d up & tired out! Eat green & laugh in between!

xxxx Maria

Lunch time view
Lunch! Yummy!
Green juice
Chef Ken teaches us how to uncook
Renate makes a party platter
Brendan Brazier - creator of Vega & Triathlete extraordinaire!


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