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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Day 526 - St. Kitts

Oooooh! Today was a most fun day! I took a tour to the lovely island of Nevis! I haven't been to Nevis previously, so today was uncharted waters! Yay! I took a catamaran with Sanja - pronounced Son-yah - and Theo from the Tour Desk. We sailed to a little cove & snorkelled in crystal clear waters - beautiful fish were everywhere! From there we headed over to Nevis. A deserted beach awaited us. There was a fancy resort down the beach aways, but otherwise, absolutely nothing but stunning waters & beach. It was a brilliant day!

I met Helen & Sophie - some passengers from England that were also on the Jamaican tour with me. It turns out that Helen is a Photographer! We enjoyed a visit about gear & what she does back home. I'm excited to look up her work on Facebook when I get a chance. Her daughter, Sophie, was the one I was going to join at the front of the catamaran when the waves got rowdy on the Jamaican tour!

As we were getting back onto the catamaran, I watched a lady toss her cigarette butt into the ocean. I was horrified! I told her she really shouldn't throw her butts into the ocean. She snottily shot back, 'Well! What would you have me do with them, then?' I offered suggestions such as an empty film canister, dipping the burning butt into the water & then putting it into a baggie, or back into the cigarette package. I don't think I got the third suggestion out when she interrupted me & said, 'Okay. I've heard enough thank you.' Alrighty then. It wasn't her first cigarette. What has she been doing with all the butts throughout the years? Apparently she was cut off from booze on our way back to St. Kitts! What a life she must lead! 

Farewell Pinney's Beach!

I caught a little too much sun & ended up with a fairly intense 'tan/burn'. Thankfully it didn't cause any pain & I'm pleased to say I've finally got a darker tint than I've ever had before! Here's hoping it lasts after I've left the Caribbean sunshine!

I went back to the ship after the tour was finished & took the laptop off. I managed to get my scan report from Dr. Daly. The official one. Hmpf. Not so exciting. Nothing different than what he told me previously, but somehow seeing it in official medical gibberish makes it that much more 'negatively' toned. Boo. He wants me to come back in May for a scan. We'll see, as I wasn't planning on being back in Canada until late July. 

Crummy end to a rather wonderful day. Although I can't fault Dr. Daly. He emailed me on a Saturday afternoon. That's dedication & I'm grateful for his patience in treating a rather obstinate patient. So thank you for that!


 My Italian lesson for the day - Live & let live
 One fish, two fish
 Puffer fish
 The catamaran
 The flag
 Theo & Sanja on the beach
 Carrying some sticks
 Hello! Help! Over here! Yoo hoo!
 Last ones back!
 Leaving St. Kitts

 We're headed somewhere over there!
 Perfect day for a sail!
 Ahhh! Paradise!
 Love every moment!
 Life is good.
 Moments to remember
 Drop me off here!
 She sells sea shells by the sea shore!
 Carried away by the Caribbean breeze
 Yes it is.
 Living life to the max!
 Theo's artistic talents
 Floating in the breeze
 Blues & greens
 Stay forever please
 Little shack
 Water rushes in & out
 Farewell Nevis!
 Heading home


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