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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 543 - Dr. Singh & Henko & Mia

Today Jaco & I went to an appointment in Cape Town. We went to Health Nation to see Dr. Singh. He is a Medical Doctor & I have been seeking someone to help Jaco & I with our diet/lifestyle as we both seem to struggle from time to time. Additionally we are both adjusting to being around each other on a more permanent basis, so I thought this would benefit us both! Since Jaco is also a Doctor, I knew he would appreciate the fact that Dr. Singh was a certified Physician & not just 'another' Naturopath. 

Dr. Singh has an interesting approach. He believes strongly in the diet affecting health. He used to work at a centre for people with eating disorders. He noticed how diet affected the health & success of the patients with eating disorders & wondered why the rest of the medical realm didn't apply the same principles.  Here's hoping we can find some solutions.

When we plotted our journey to Cape Town on google maps, I found a potentially fatal flaw.  Google maps gives you the shortest route possible. Not necessarily the safest route. It routed us straight through the heart of the townships. Sigh. I'm not from here. Maybe it would be safe, maybe it wouldn't. But a fool should err on the side of caution, no? Thus, we ended up driving a fair distance to skirt the questionable area. 

I think Jaco was a bit apprehensive about our appointment, as he made a few *wrong* turns, had to stop for a break & didn't seem too rushed to leave on time. Thankfully we were there in time. When we walked in, Dr. Singh appeared from a doorway across the room. He had to duck under the doorjamb. He was that tall. 6'8" to be precise. I don't know if I've ever met someone so tall. Incredible!

Our session with him was wonderful. He didn't try to sell us hundreds of dollars worth of supplements from the first session. He requested blood work & spoke on a level that both Jaco & I were able to understand. We'll meet with him again to set up a plan to assist us both & I can't wait! If you're in the Cape Town area, I'd highly suggest seeing him! Even if you're not, he can work via Skype & email.

After our appointment we drove towards the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront. It is a modern, stylish & sophisticated area with shops, restaurants, theatre & aquarium in one location. On our way, we drove past the rugby & cricket stadiums, the University, and the new football stadium used in the 2010 World Cup. We didn't stay too long at the V&A, as it was getting late & we wanted to stop & see Johan & Suzaan & the kids. We'll come back again to the Waterfront, I'm sure!

By the time we arrived, unannounced, Mia, the newest addition to the family, was already in bed. We snuck a quick peek at the sleeping beauty. What a head of hair! Henko was still up & he has grown so much! Wow! He is adorable! He even remembered me! I was impressed, as it's been about 2 years since I've seen him. Jaco & I brought him a little toy that makes soldiers out of your toast & has a little Humpty Dumpty guy that holds your egg so you can dip the soldiers in the yolk. Thankfully there was a chocolate egg inside, as I later found out from Grandma that Henko is allergic to eggs! Whoops!

We had a great visit with Suzaan & Johan. I hope we'll make it back there again soon - during the day time so we can see Mia! If all goes well, I'll attempt some photos of Mia & Henko. They are too cute for words! We finally left their house about 2230. I think they were ready for bed long before that! Two little ones will definitely steal your energy! Oh boy!

Back to Hermanus about 2330, we headed for bed. But not before a quick chat with Mom. She has yet to understand that when she's in the mood for a visit, it's 2 in the morning over here! Love you Mom!


As we say back home, 'He's a TALL drink of water!' 
 The rugby stadium
 One of the entrances
 The Cricket stadium
 I wish I had long eyelashes!
 The Sea Point Stadium where the 2010 World Cup was played!
 Other side of Sea Point Stadium
Henko & the dog crashed!


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