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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 537 - Earthshine & The Rademeyers

Today we actually went somewhere! We drove to Cape Town! Since we left quite late, we missioned to get to Earthshine Foods in Pinelands. Of course, on our way, I got sidetracked & we stopped at Somerset West with the hopes of finding a Health Food Store there. I found one, but not the one I was looking for. They did have a fair selection of products, so I was able to pick up dish soap, laundry soap & cleaning products. 

I noticed a Christian bookstore in the Mall, so I headed there quickly. Little did I know it was at the extreme opposite end of the mall & took me about 25 minutes to get there & back! I've had a nice tour of the mall & I'm thrilled to say there are many wonderful things inside the walls of the mall! 

Surprisingly enough I ran into someone I know! Ha! What are the chances? Suzaan's cousin was there! I met her 3 years ago when we went to Suzaan & Johan's place to meet baby Henko. Innecke was there visiting as well & we met. We've kept in touch on Facebook off & on & I was shocked to see her in the mall! She's moving back to South Africa from New Zealand this year, so maybe I'll be bumping into her a bit more often! It makes me chuckle that I can travel this far away & know so few people in a country & find someone I know! I don't even run into people in Calgary that easily!

From there, Jaco stopped quickly to pick up some weights & a medicine ball for his workouts. And then we boogied to Earthshine. I had seen them online while googling 'Cape Town raw foods'. We were expecting a storefront, but instead, pulled up to a residence. Not seeing any signs, we weren't sure what to do. That's when a gentleman walked up to the gate & went through. I hopped out & asked him if we were at the right place. He said we were, but they were closed. I knew we were there 15 minutes before the time we'd been told, so he said he'd check things out for us. 

Sure enough, they let us in. They had 1/2 a raw pizza left that someone didn't collect, as well as raw crackers galore. Even a grounding mat! Yay! I've been wanting a grounding mat since I saw them on YouTube with David Wolfe, but everywhere in Calgary was sold out! In fact, Natalie sold me the one from under her feet! And she'd only received it that afternoon! The gentleman that makes them in South Africa is called Get Grounded. If you use a laptop, tv, cellphone regularly, it's worth looking into!

After our Earthshine experience we headed over to Marcus & Celia's. Marcus is Jaco's best friend from Kimberley. The three of them were in the UK working, but only met once they were back in South Africa. Marcus is finishing up his studies & will soon be an Anaesthesiologist. Celia & Marcus just had their second boy, Micah, in August. He was already in bed when we arrived, but Joshua, the oldest was still up. He was quite cute. He speaks English & Afrikaans & he is not quite 5 yet! He didn't remember meeting me at the wedding, when his Dad asked him. Joshua said, "I don't remember it, so it must not have happened!" Too cute. 

We had a wonderful visit with Marcus & Celia & I hope we'll be able to visit them again soon. It's been 2 years since I saw them last & I know Jaco misses them when he's away. 

Our plans had intended including visiting Jaco's sister, Shilise, & her family, since today was her birthday, as well as Johan & Suzaan & their children. But we didn't get away from Marcus & Celia's until 2200! Whoops! We'll see what the next few days bring. Maybe we'll make it there yet! 



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