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Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 553 - A Day In Royal History

Yup. I did it. I set the alarm & woke up to watch the wedding. Okay, so I set the alarm for 0930, but that's early for me these days! It was quite the spectacle, I must say! I think every woman on the planet who watched lived a fairytale fantasy she's secretly held inside her heart. Kate is absolutely stunning. She's graceful, real, authentic, poised, the list goes on. And Prince William! In that red uniform - what a handsome man. I am happy for them both. Say what you will, either for or against the Royals, but they are a couple in love & what's not to celebrate about that. And I think we can all agree that there are much worse ways a Government could waste taxpayers dollars! And besides, aren't the Duke & Duchess donating all of their money to charity anyways? 

And then there's the kiss. My heart sank after the first kiss. Thank goodness they snuck another one in to convince all of us die-hard romantics of their affection for each other! I'm sure if I had been in London I would have camped out over night to catch a glimpse of the couple. I would have trotted down the Royal Mile to try & get a photo of them - no matter how crummy that shot may have been!

I'll most probably buy the Royal Wedding soundtrack, along with Ellie Goulding, whom I understand is singing at the reception this evening. She's singing Elton John's 'Your Song' - one of my favourite's thanks to Moulin Rouge & Ewan McGregor. 'The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love & be loved in return.' Sigh. *Insert helpless romantic smile here.*

And that was pretty much the day! Jaco & I went downtown to do a little banking & I stopped in at a few shops to look around. I am freezing as of late, so I've been on the lookout for a great sweater. (Like I don't have enough at home! But they don't do me any good while I'm in Africa, now do they?) I found one, but it's acrylic & it comes out to about $100 after the exchange rate. Not cool! I could have a really sweet cashmere sweater for that price!

Our night was finished off with a Skype chat with Mom & a little late night Dog Whisperer. Life is good!



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