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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Day 407 - Whoops. Chemo Brain.

I started a bit of the packing process today. Not the smartest cookie in the jar. Roxy & Kevin are coming tomorrow & I'm going to spend a few days at their place. Seeing as I'm home alone, I thought it high time that I try to pack up a few things. I've filled the rubbermaid tubs I have at the house, so I went to the bunkhouse to get a few things. Normally I'd just back the car up to the deck & put the boxes in the car from there. But since we have snow, I can't get the car in there. I thought the boxes would slide well in the snow, seeing as I'm not supposed to lift more than 5 lbs with my left arm because of the Picc line.


I managed to pick out 8 boxes of stuff that I could drag through the snow to the car & then sort through in the house. I dragged them 2 at a time, stacked one on top of the other. I managed to get it done, but I was certain I was going to pass out at least 6 times! Maybe I was a *wee* bit overambitious. I managed to get the car loaded & drove in reverse back to the house, as I couldn't get the car turned around in the snow. I didn't get the car unpacked, as I was too exhausted.

I spent the rest of the day trying to expend as little energy as possible. That worked fine until Jaco called. I told him about my flights that I had booked & he asked me how much more money it was to fly from Calgary. I told him it was a couple hundred dollars. He then brought it to my attention that I was going to have to pay for a hotel (twice), fuel, food & not forgetting the time it would take to drive to Great Falls from Calgary. Ugh. I'm an idiot. Why didn't I think of that?!? I was so stressed out! Not to mention that I checked the flights from Calgary tonight & the price was LESS than it was last night! Argh!

Unable to think about anything else, I told him to call me tomorrow & I'd let him know what I was able to work out. I had booked through Priceline.com, so I assumed that since I'd received such a cheap ticket, it wouldn't be refundable. Well, bless the little angel on the other end. It was FULLY REFUNDABLE! No penalty! Thank you! I managed to book through Expedia.com & was flying out of Calgary. Phew. That was NOT fun! Thank goodness it worked out!

With that matter taken care of, the girls & I called it a night. Tomorrow we travel. If only to Red Deer!

xxxx Maria, Valentina, Oceana & Adios


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